Tip 8/21: Back in time with Google Maps
The street view project began back in 2007 and since then Google hasn't stopped capturing our streets to provide us with beautifully detailed imagery of more than 3,000 cities across 51 countries.

Today’s tip will be shorter than usual because there’s not much to explain, but there is a ton to explore! Did you know that you can view historical imagery of places using Google street view? Well you can, and it’s super cool!

How is it done?
(Note: this won't work in all locations but will in many)

► Head over to Google Maps (maps.google.com) and search for a specific location.

► Access the street view by clicking on the street view thumbnail.

► In the top left corner, search for a small clock icon under the location address with the text “Street View - Aug 2013” (or a different date), and click on it.

► When the dropdown opens up you can drag the slider back in time as far as 2007! 

► To expand the image and explore the map as captured in the selected year, click on the magnifying glass or on the image thumbnail.

I've created an animated gif showing how to do this step by step. Check it out on the blog post: bitly.com/21GoogleTips

Here's a link to a live example example:

If you’re short in time you can head over to this link (bit.ly/Google-Street-View) which will take you directly into street view of New York city with imagery from January 2013 back to September 2007. Follow the above instructions to go back in time ;)

BTW, notice the difference in image quality? Incredible isn't it?!

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