Tip 12/21: Google Translate - More Awesome than you thought.
We’re all familiar with Google Translate - it’s a free translation service that provides translations between 80+ different languages. Quite impressive isn't it? Well that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Many people use Google translate to translate words or sentences, but not all people use it for it’s many other features.

8 Awesome things you can do with Google Translate:

1. Better understand your own language (i.e. English to English)

With Google Translate you can do more than just translate a word between two languages. You can also use it to understand a word you’re unfamiliar with.

When you type (or paste) a word into Google translate, you’ll be presented with the following information:

» Definition of the word (noun and verb)
» Synonyms (noun and verb)
» Examples of use
» Similar translation queries

Head over to the blog post for examples and animated GIF's.

2. Translate documents!

You can upload and translate documents by clicking on the “Translate a document” link which appears under the text box.

3. Translate websites to any language

Type a website URL into the translation box and select the desired translation language. Then click on the link (in the results page) and you will be directed to the website in the desired language.

4. Speak to translate!

If you know what a word sounds like but don’t know how it's written you can use speak it to translate. Click on the mic icon in the left corner to turn on speech input, and talk away ;)

5. Save Phrases

If you’re logged into your Google account you can save a specif translations to your personal phrasebook which can be accessed any time by any one of your devices.

6. Improve translation

If you translate a word from a different language but aren't happy with the result - you can suggest a better word instead.

7. Listen to the translation

If you’re struggling to understand how to pronounce a specific word you can click on the speaker icon in the results tab to hear what it sounds like.

8. More definitions for a word

If you’d like to see other optional translations for a specific word within a sentence, you can click on the word and Google will prompt you with several other options.

More interesting things you should know:

► The Google Translate App allows you to: 

» Converse naturally and let Google handle translation.
» Translate offline with no internet connection.
» Translate text from photos you shot.

► Google chrome will automatically offer to translate websites.
► Google+ allows you to translate posts and comments.
► Use the Tab to search (described in Tip 2: bitly.com/GoogleTip2).
► You can install the Google Translate plugin on your website. 
► Check spelling and grammar mistakes.

Using Google Translate in other ways? Let me know!

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