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Check out this cool plugin that will help you create amazing and interactive banners for your pages, posts, and sidebars.

Check Out Ultimate Banner Here:

No doubt this will help you to boost cliks and earn more commissions on your website.

Check out the full blog post and review at

You even have the ability to place banners on other websites.

Here's just a few of the cool features...
Create customized banners, sidebars, opt-ins, and CTA buttons in seconds
-Create sticky widgets that follow your visitors down the page
-Include video in your ads
-Split test with integrated analytics
-Switch out one promotion for another in seconds
-Change any element of your design - no need to make a whole new image
-Show different offers on different pages, or multiple offers on the same page
-Automatically generate shortcode for mobile-responsive designs -Integrate with autoresponders
-Control it all from one easy-to-use admin panel

Check out the full blog post and review at
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Daniel Fortes

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Do you find it a struggle to create content and build your list?

Building your list, writing emails for your autoresponder, creating content, selling your own product, etc. is hard work. And it's LOTS of work!

Most marketers NEVER make money with their own products because there’s so much to do. It takes a ton of time… and if you want to outsource, it will cost you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

What do you do?

Check out this done-for-you Warrior Marketer PLR package called the Warrior Marketer

You can check out The Warrior Marketer Full Review & BONUS here:

It has EVERYTHING that you will need to make money in the fitness, personal development, and success niche. This product is perfect for most online marketers, affiliate marketers, and network marketers.

This package truly ROCKS!

Click Here To Check out the video:

Any successful online marketer will know tell you how valuable this PLR package is.

It will make your life so much easier by saving you time and tons of money.

What You’ll Find Inside “The Warrior Marketer”:

* Module 1 : Ebook
* Module 2 : Short Report #1 (2,392 Words)
* Module 3 : Short Report #2 (About 2,445 Words)
* Module 4 : Sales page & Thank you page
* Module 5 : 2 Opt-in pages & download pages
* Module 6 : Graphics & PSDs
* Module 7 : 10 Warrior Marketer PLR Articles
* Module 8 : 10 Day Autoresponder series
* Module 9 : 10 Royalty free images
* Module 10 : 10 Facebook posts
* Module 11 : 10 Tweets
* Module 12 : 3 Product Reviews
* Module 13 : 10 Social Media Images
* Module 14 : Personal Use / Resell Rights / Master Resell Rights Licenses
* And much more…

My Bonuses will include:

Bonus #1
Audio versions of the 2 lead magnets in this PLR PACK

Bonus #2
DFY Funnelkit GO Templates so you don't have to use cpanel to upload your templates. This includes the squeeze page & thank you page for both lead magnets.

Check out the Warrior Marketer Review & Bonus:

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Have a happy Thanksgiving if you are in the U.S.!
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Daniel Fortes

Tutorial Videos  - 
[Custom Video Player for Practically Pennies]

This is NOT a tutorial per se... however, if you'd like the ability to raise your online game, keep reading

If you are NOT making videos and you are in a work from home opportunity (shame on you lol).

If you are making videos and would like to step up your game, you may want to check out this out.

This is the last day you can get Custom Video Player at this price. I know this may be the first time you're even hearing about it... but if you take the time to check out the video and the full review, you may notice this is a lot of value for next to nothing.

I'm normally a sucker for video products, but this is a NO BRAINER OFFER.

If I posted just some of the features this video player has it could literally take up this whole post.

In an effort to make this simple.... I've included a link to the entire blog post and video so you can see it in action.

If it's something for you... GREAT! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

If it's something that's not for you... thanks for taking the time to read this far.

Either way, let me know you saw the post my giving me a +1

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Daniel Fortes

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The EASIEST way to get ORGANIC traffic to your site, build a list of subscribers, and have other people do the heavy lifting for you is right here.

That's NOT HYPE... read the post. Watch the video.

Earlier this year a WordPress theme was released that allows anyone to build VIRAL websites that you can monetize in ANY NICHE and build a list of email subscribers at the same.

At first I thought it was hype, like a lot of marketing products online. But if you know just 1 thing about me... I TAKE ACTION and IMPLEMENT even if it's MESSY! LOL

This is one of those occasions where if you don't take a serious look at this now... you WILL regret it in the future.

It doesn't matter what business opportunity you're in, it does't matter what products you promote. BOTTOM line is... these kinds of sties work in any niche.

The problem is most of us can't produce our own content at a clip fast enough to keep traffic going to our sites all day every day. UNTIL NOW.

[By the way... I'm posting in here because I know many of you work together in the same opportunity. It's a sure fire way to create leverage in your business.]

Why? Because the content is taken care of and all you have to do is make subtle tweaks to the content and change the links in the content that you find and VIOLA! Viral content at your fingertips.

Let me give you example of why I was even in the market for something like this.

One of the affiliate opportunities that I'm in says to just "like comment, and share" on facebook... you can make money. While this is TRUE it doesn't tell the whole story. Fact of the matter is as the opportunity grows... they only have so many leads to go around. This means that as more and more people come in to the opportunity, the less likely they are to get RESULTS!

You know I'm about RESULTS RIGHT?

I didn't have to depend on their marketing strategies or core committments because I know how to market. I generate my own leads almost everyday just letting my videos sit out there on the internet and while EVERYONE else is LIKING, COMMENTING, AND SHARING... when those people go to YouTube and Google to research the opportunity... who's video do you think they find?

You guessed it... MINE!

Here's the problem for me... I KNOW most other people WON'T do video so I have been struggling to find ways to help those people get results without having to constantly share the leaders website.

If you haven't heard me say this before, you may want to write this down.


I knew eventually I would have to build my own membership site so I can share my own info without getting kicked out of the groups.

Even the problem with that site is other people can't necessarily share the info from the membership site.

Viral Loop gives you the ability to share content like a traditional viral site... but also gives you the ability for members to sign up to POST CONTENT to your site and share their content/or ANYONE'S content on the site.

As an example... +Renee Sullivan has been sharing content from the Book Think & Grow Rich. Imagine that she shares this info in an IMAGE FORM with a URL on the image.

And when the website visitor take a gander of the site... they see all these other personal development quotes, videos, and books. Do you think they would be engaged at this point?

Now imagine this... other people sharing the content, bringing in more visitors and other people are opting in to areas of the site to learn more, OR YOU ARE SHARING THIS SITE WITH YOUR TEAM as a way to BUILD AS A TEAM!

I CALL THAT A WIN WIN WIN! All the way around.

Oh... by the way, I have 10 other strategies for you to make money with this site that I am giving as a BONUS when you pick this up TODAY!

Check out my video and see for yourself!

Daniel Fortes's profile photoRenee Sullivan's profile photo
Thanks for this +Daniel Fortes  :)
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Daniel Fortes

Discussion  - 
[Skillz to pay the Billz]

I have a quick question for people in the group...
If it were NOT for your opportunity could you still CREATE an income outside of a job?

Think about this for just one minute... most of us are out promoting a product, service, or opportunity. And with those opportunities you need to have certain skills to acquire customers.

If you don't have customers, you don't have a business.

In our industry more and more people are starting to talk about RESULTS. This is because the whole "leads & sales" is getting so old they have to look for a new angle and because of consumers are becoming a lot smarter that people are becoming more "OUTCOME" focused.

And with all the skills one needs to acquire in this industry...
-Email Marketing
-Video Marketing
-Social Media
-Personal Development

and much much more. I ask you... if it were not for your opportunity would you be able to take your skill right now and go out and make money with it?

If NO, do you think you should focus on acquiring skill sets?
If, YES, are you not BUILDING a business around your skill sets?

For instance... as many people in this group are on social media. Social media is being DOMINATED by video. Yet most people here have not created a video yet (for whatever reason I don't know).

Video is NO DOUBT a skill you as a leader and effective marketer need to acquire. Are you acquiring the skillz that can pay even a light bill if you had NO PRODUCT, NO SERVICE, NO OPPORTUNITY to promote?

>>>>> Don't be shy! Sound off and leave a comment below
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You know you'll get a comment from me +Daniel Fortes. Yes we need to all be acquiring skills to brand ourselves outside of the companies or offers we have. Making videos is a way to let others know your story and journey and that helps them relate to you. So that if something were to happen to the opportunities you're promoting, those followers would still follow you and continue learning from you...and buy from you again.
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Daniel Fortes

Social Proof Screenshots  - 
Here's what's CRAZY!

I just had a woman on one of my videos ask me... not once, but twice if I am making money with the program I am promoting?

It makes me laugh because it doesn't matter what videos I show or what screenshots I show, people will always be skeptical.


This is EXACTLY why I say in my videos...
The REJECTION FREE FORMULA - NO Calling NO Chasing NO Convincing.

This is EXACTLY why I do videos... for people LOOKING for the information.

This is EXACTLY why I don't like being on Facebook: friending people to pitch my deal.

Even today... I was out doing a side job for some extra cash at a friend's office for 4 hours. These sales rolled in while at the office.

When you learn how to market and market EFFECTIVELY you will NEVER have chase or convince people.

The will go to google... they will look for information and they will buy. PERIOD!

If you want... go to google and search for "payday tornado review & bonus" and see for yourself
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I have always liked that about you +Daniel Fortes... That there's no need to chase people if you have provided value and shown what you know in your content. 
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Daniel Fortes

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Real Life Case Study Reveals the 3 Simple Steps to Generating Your First Sale Online & EXACTLY How To Make $106.82 In 24hrs or Less… (Full FTC DISCLAIMERS APPLY)

What is 3 Step Profit Machines?
3 Step Profit Machines is a product released by Jason Fulton and David Kirby that gives a strategy for newbies to build a list, generate sales, and build community all at the same time.

You can pick it up here:

What do you get with 3 Step Profit Machines?
You get 5 step-by-step video trainings with prebuilt page templates, scripts, bonuses, check lists, cheatsheets, and much more.

Watch the video here:
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Good Job
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Daniel Fortes

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Check out my full Video Titan Review & Bonus ttp://

Video Titan 3.0 What Is It and what does it do? Video Titan 3.0 is a set of 6 softwares that works on PCs & Apple Macs to help you step up your video marketing game in every facet. From research, to video creation, to promotion.

Think of it as an entire video marketing SUITE you can get your hands on for a SWEET price!


What you get is 6 software tools… video training and guides – plus much more in the form of unannounced bonuses that 100% CONGRUENT with this offer.

You’ll get instant access to the Video Titan “tool-suite”, with all 6 super powerful video softwares :

- Tube Titan discovers profitable videos that are already making thousands of dollars per online. This is POWERFUL insight and information for you to reverse engineer what successful marketers are already doing.

- Titan Theme – a premium WordPress theme, focused purely on video & profitability. Installs rapidly. HOWEVER, I had issues getting all the plugins to load so I can't add the DFY content. JURY IS STILL OUT ON THIS

- 1 Click Video software that creates proven, profitable, viral videos for any niche, market or keyword in 60 seconds. These are POWERFUL video templates you can use to create awesome video transitions as well as use for Fiverr gigs.

The software includes dozens of editable template videos for affiliates, ecommerce, and more.

- 1 Click Video Page software that instantly makes ready-to-upload video websites in minutes. (Not really though...)


- Video Pages now includes dozens of done-for-you JVZoo & ClickBank campaigns. These are evergreen offers that convert very well.

- Video Dynamite is a cool tool that lets you easily add sub-title text to any video, massively boosting engagement and attention of your viewer.

- Tube Traffic that lets you add clickable images and videos to any video, increasing the traffic you get from YouTube in the form of annotations and engagement.

And that’s just the Video Titan software suite – but WAIT! There’s MORE!!

You will also get access to 5 complete systems on profiting with video + Facebook, YouTube, affiliate marketing, T-shirts, & much, much more.

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Daniel Fortes

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Check out my review and bonus of Custom Video Player by Matthew McDonald that you can practically pick up for pennies.

This product sold previously for a lot more than you can get it for now.

Here's just a short list of what this player can do;

-Tons of main player options..
-Change Background colors
-Customize color of your player
-Add shadows
-Add borders
-Different border types
-Transparency effects
-Video title, description, tags,
-Custom controls
-Gradient effects
-Mobile responsive by device
-Add custom logo, logo positioning, hyperlink logo, logo margin, & logo positioning (sigh… that’s a lot)
-Trim YouTube video time
-Video sitemap (huge for SEO)

-Embedd videos all around the web and videos dynamically change.
-NO NEED to recopy and paste video code.
-Custom gradients
-Mobile & custom logo options

Check it out for yourself right here:
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Daniel Fortes

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Want to build a recurring revenue streams for pennies? Check out my Membership Dons Review & Bonus

Kam "Zero Fatz" has just released an AWESOME product on membership sties that is sure to help ANYONE make a recurring income online. If you're in a affiliate marketing, network marketing, or you have a passion for bowling or basketweaving. You can profit from membership program.
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Daniel Fortes

Social Proof Videos  - 
I just wanted to post this in the group because just 1 tweak to your business can BOOST your RESULTS! Check out the video. Obviously I can't divulge the strategy.... but let's just say you can get the whole entire strategy for less than 2 cups of coffee.

The video is my RESULTS just implementing the strategy and now I can just RINSE and repeat while it helps be build a list while making some commissions at the same time.

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Quality over quantity ALWAYS. If you consistently put out value, then you're going to paid. It's that simple. No calling no chasing, no convincing... Thanks for making this video for our group +Daniel Fortes :)
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Daniel Fortes

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#TGIF that's what everyone (or at least most people who have jobs) are going to be screaming today.

For entrepreneurs and dream builders... the weekend is when we get started!

Why? Because Friday is the day most people get paid for exchanging their time for dollars.

With the Payday Tornado... you don't have to wait till Friday. If you want you can implement this strategy day in and day out. Rinse and REPEAT!

This is probably one of the most effective strategies I've seen to building a list and generating #affiliate sales at the same time.

This strategy can also be leveraged in other niches, not just #internetmarketing

Watch the video here... pick up all the bonuses valued at $137.

Feel free to throw any questions my way.
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Hey +Daniel Fortes, I'm busy. Happy busy. I'll fill you in at our next Dunkin meeting.
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My profile lists me as Daniel, but if you're looking for Danny Fortes, you have found the right guy.
I love to read books!! I tend to read more than get things accomplished. So if you don't like to read, but you're a great finisher, we could have a great working relationship because I love to share. 

One of my favorite books is Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and I think it's a must read for anyone in business.

Speaking of business... local businesses owners need help and I'm always looking to lend a hand.
Today local is about getting found through social. 

Most people, me included, don't know what we don't know! So to GET... we have to GET...
Give Education & Training! LOL I hope you like that! I'm a big fan of acronyms.

For the small business owner there's tons of tips, tools, and valuable strategies out there that are simple to implement it's just a shame that so many of them will never implement ANY. 

-Here's a shocking stat... almost 40% of small businesses aren't using social media YIKES!!!!

Let's move on to the home based business owner...

If you're in network marketing let's be friends because in this industry we need all the friends, help, connections, we can get :) Let's learn to serve first before we get served. If you need help with a website, hosting, video, squeeze pages, or content just shoot me an email. I would be happy to help!

You can also check out my blog where you can download my free report, the 10 Step Newbie Action Report For those people who don't have a website and would like to learn some simple basics of internet marketing.

If you're interested in learning about internet marketing but don't know what to do and have NO IDEA where to begin... you can start here. I call it the Rejection FREE Formula.

Last but not least! If you haven't begun generating leads and residual income online and absolutely hate technology or you're not that good at it yet.... GET STARTED HERE.

Thanks for reading my rather disjointed and long profile. Hope to connect with you in the very near future. Take care & God Bless!!

John 20:29. 

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I had to go in to have a tooth extracted. I fear going to the dentist and hadn't been in years (procrastination is painful ladies & gentleman). The staff is pretty friendly and I didn't have to wait on any of my previous visits. As apprehensive as I was at first, in the end the extraction wasn't any where near as painful as I thought. Obviously the area was sore for a couple of days, but I only took the pain killer meds for 2 days. Dr Perna great sense of humor and is a pretty cool guy.
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Cool little place with individual pies! You can create your own, however I had the spicy butcher which was awesome. They also do 1/2 price refills on pints of beer (pretty cool idea).
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I had the pleasure of visiting the Nail Studio for a pedicure in Scottsdale, AZ. More and more men are getting pedicures these days and I don't know why I waited so long to get my first one. First off, Carol asked me if there was anything I wanted to drink and she had me sit in a very comfortable recliner. The salon was also very private and I got to watch a nice size TV during my pedicure. I didn't get to watch much TV because Carol is conversational and very friendly. The foot massage was soooooo awesome I almost fell asleep in the chair. Literally my feet tingled for the next 2 days. I honestly can't wait to go back! Thanks again Carol... you're AWESOME!!!!
• • •
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I had 2 hearty empanadas for lunch to go along with black beans and rice. The quality was very good. Cecilia had to be 1 of the most friendly people I had ever met. She gave me all kinds of options on the menu. She even offered to make a vegetarian option for me. I'm a meat kind of guy!!! This place was so cozy and quiet. During my time there I learned that they do deliveries, catering, and can host small private functions. Stop in! You'll be pleasantly surprised.
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6 reviews
Stumbled upon this place yesterday and noticed the lunch special.. 2 slices and a drink for $4.25... if I had paid $6 bucks I would not have been disappointed. Slices were GREAT SIZE and tasted really good! Inside they have a pretty good size flat screen to watch too. Booths might be a little too tight, but the good thing is they're moveable.
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Reuben does a great job. Chairs are really comfortable and unlike his other locations, here you don't have to wait during the week. I get in and out. Rueben gives a pretty clean fade! :)
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