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For those of you that like to live dangerously, I've started working on porting eGTK to work on GTK >=3.8.

It's gonna be ugly and broken for a while. But hey, we'll get it worked out.

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Why not abandon that old Unico theme engine? I don't see any features in Unico that you cannot achieve using the default engine (engine: none) and svg assets, except customizing focus lines, but I think you can do that too using svg assets.
+Alexander Wilms all of them

+Satyajit Sahoo Unico doesn't work in >3.4 precisely because there's not really a point now that GtkCSSProvider is pretty damn good. So the first thing to do is to replace every instance of Unico with newer features of GtkCSSProvider
+Daniel Foré Isn't that what I said :)
"Why not abandon"

Obviously, I didn't know that you are getting rid of Unico.

Yeah. Ditch it. Really looking forward to the new eGTK.
So what exactly do higher GTK versions offer that's worth upgrading for?  Thanks for all your hard work! :-)
+Colton Allen on the theming side, there's been a lot of work done to bring GtkCSSProvider more into line with how actual CSS works on the web. So you're not just theming in a CSS-like syntax, you can actually use the same CSS exactly.

So mainly what we're seeing is a lot of fixes to make GTK widgets properly respect CSS properties (like background image, padding, margin, and even box shadow), getting rid of vendor prefixes for features (linear gradient instead of GTK gradient), CSS animations (including key frames), etc etc. 
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