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Fix for SharePoint 2013 and anonymous RSS

I have previously written about about an issue stopping anonymous users accessing RSS feeds with SharePoint 2013 when ViewFormPagesLockdown is enabled. While I managed to develop a work around for the client I was for at the time, I completely neglected…

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This is not a food related post but I thought I will share some of the photos from Jeju Island a couple of years back and show you what this beautiful island offers. Jeju is the southernmost and largest island in South Korea, created 2 million years ago…

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Never sick of more espresso and French pastry :) And French wine…Avignon is on the left bank of the Rhone river. It is filled with ancient streets, mediaeval ramparts and Gothic architecture. We stayed only one night there on the way to Paris. On the way…

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How LastPass autofills on Chrome for Android

I had never really thought too much about how LastPass autofills passwords on Chrome for Android, but I found out something a little interesting today. There was something that always bugged me about pre-filling passwords in Chrome for Android that never…

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At a Korean BBQ place taking your typical food shots when I noticed the hot coals our juicy beef was about to be cooked over were purple on my Nexus 4, yet perfectly normal from S3.

The coals are glowing purple out of the Nexus camera, like it's picking up IR or UV (like when you point a remote control at your camera, you see the IR blasting away).

But the remote control trick also works on the S3 I'm sure, so what's going on here? Does the Nexus camera simply pick up a wider range of the spectrum, so it's seeing IR the S3 can't yet see?

I know the S3 camera always produces much better shots than my N4, which always seems muted/dirty and a bit off with the white balance, but surely none of that would produce this effect! (Especially only noticing it for the first time in almost 18 months).
Odd Nexus Camera Effect
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Calendar Overlays with Managed Navigation

The short Calendar overlays aren’t listed on calendar views when accessing the view via managed navigation unless you explicitly include the view ID in the target URL of the navigation term settings. The long I’m currently doing some work for a client to…

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Neat! But it wanted to scan my hand four times before I could buy/sell bitcoin. #aintnobodygottimeforthat  

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My own creepypasta moment

I came across this comic on My Korean Husband and the third panel reminded me of my very own creepypasta moment… I few years ago I was having trouble sleeping during a warm night in Perth. It was about 2am, and still about 30°C (86°F). We had the window…
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