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Just found this Internet history gem on an internal Red Hat thread. I think I'm going to end up linking tons of people to it in the future (I'm looking at you, drive by shitty-question IRC people). 

"In [1]: import this
The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters

Beautiful is better than ugly.
**Explicit is better than implicit.**

The devs who did matplotlib.pyplot.subplot didn't internalize that last bit. Your syntax is bad, and you should feel bad!

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Had an interesting conversation at #CarolinaCon last night about regexs and whether or not they are Turing Complete. Turns out that I was right, and they aren't. I'm surprised how frequently I end up being thankful for having taken LOG535 (Advanced Logic, for my logic minor). That's also the class that had its final in a bar, lol.

The top two SO answers behind the link are both very interesting. If you're feeling adventitious, I recommend the "Turing completeness and regular expressions" link in the second answer.

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While searching for a Jenkins plugin, I found a hilarious one.

"Displays a picture of Bruce Schneier (instead of Jenkins the butler) and a random Bruce Schneier fact on each build page."

I've been using a production #OpenStack deployment at +Red Hat for a few weeks now, and I'm increasingly blow away by how amazing it is. It took me about a minute to spin up a very powerful VM instance, apply the relevant security groups and assign it a publicly routable IP. Having access to such a system dramatically changes my dev process for the better. Highly recommended.

I used to have an alias that used curl to grab some page like, grepped through the output and then showed me my external IP. It was pretty long and complex, and it broke when dramatic changes happened to the site I used.

Just learned that `curl` does the same thing, perfectly. Mind blown.

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#CarolinaCon , a #Raleigh -based #InfoSec  conference, is this weekend. I've been going for ~5 years and I can't recommend it highly enough. Tons of interesting talks, wild and fascinating people, and generally a blast to be had by all. 

I feel like I have to think about time zones more while working on #OpenDaylight than I did while living abroad. That's a good sign I guess - large, world-wide community. 

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My first four leaf clover! +Eric Hall
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