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Ironically Angela Merkel has arrested 100s for being critical of mooslem immigration online. #angelamerkel #merkel #globalism 
Angela Merkel warned Germans not to take freedom for granted in a speech aimed at countering a rising tide of populism on Friday night.
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Daniel Fairclough

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There seems to be a huge problem regarding the lack of public awareness about the true scale of the muslim child rape gang epidemic going on in this country, due to lack of media coverage, so here are a list of facts, figures and links to local news stories relating to organised islamic paedo rings.

They all relate to the classic muslim model of offending whereby they target vulnerable children - usually white, British and never, ever muslim - and subject them to the long term abuse of multiple paedophiles. When speaking of this specific type of crime involving more than one offender targeting children for continued abuse, muslims are responsible for 89-95% of all cases in the UK, depending on how you interpret the evidence compiled by Times investigative journalist Andrew Norfolk; which saw him expose Rotherham, win an Orwell Award for journalism and be called to the House of Commons as an expert witness for a home affairs committee on localised child grooming cases:…/uc182-…/uc182vii.pdf

This list is by no means exhaustive and there will be ones that've been missed. The intention is merely to show you how much you're not being told.

Further, there are many "normal", if that's the right word, rape cases involving lone muslim men targeting either children or women, sometimes even with muslim victims, that are not included. From the available evidence muslims are AT LEAST 2.4 times as likely to commit any type of rape in the UK than non-muslims. 12% of convicted rapists in Britain are Mohammedians but they only make up 5% of the population. This data comes from a freedom of information request to the government and can be found on their website:…/fi…/324097/number-males-rape-muslim.doc

The government only gave a figure for muslims with one or more rape conviction, rather than giving the percentage of individual rapes that were committed by the followers of islam; so hypothetically speaking, if the average muslim rapist had committed a dozen rapes - as is often the case due to their usual model of offending - and the average non-muslim rapist had committed one, that is not taken into account. Anyway below is the list:


South Shields…/College-student-raped-schoolgi…






















Burton on Trent…/five-men-jailed-for-despicable-sexual…/










High Wycombe…/Eight-men-held-dawn-raid-suspe…




East London…/Naeem-Ahmed-Nabeel-Ahmed-Hassa…

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Daniel Fairclough

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Daniel Fairclough

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Daniel Fairclough originally shared:
Beautiful morning in the North East of England 
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Daniel Fairclough

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Very true Sing, Act but shut the fuck up. 
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Daniel Fairclough

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Mohammed called Jews and Christians pigs and dogs so that slaughtering them would not be seen as evil. He makes it Allah's hand doing the slaughtering so to not take responsibility for murder. If Muslims wanted peace they would have to admit that Mohammed was a mass murderer. This is why as long as Islam exists there can be no peace in the Middle East.
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Daniel Fairclough

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During the Cold War era the Soviet Union and the United States were locked in an arms and technology race to see, both nations wanting to prove their dominance over the other, each striving to be the next reigning superpower in a world still shattered by the second world war. The Soviet’s took the lead…
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Daniel Fairclough

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I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: It does not say what the people of the town he settled think of what he did or if it was the town he and his family live in. Is his family living side by side with these people. Do his kids go to school with them?

The Canadian businessman who sponsored 200 refugees -
One Canadian businessman decided he could do more for desperate Syrians fleeing their war-torn country, so he bankrolled an entire town's resettlement effort.
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Daniel Fairclough

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The photo is so atmospheric.
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Daniel Fairclough

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Lads night out In Saudi Arabia. 
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Fantastic. Definitely reccomend Alan reed. My Little 12 month old Skoda Citigo had been vandalised by some scum around the neighbourhood on the Bonnet. The work down to repair is first class. Great service and delivered to my work address. All completed within 36 hours. A fair price for the work as well. Not cheap but good value for the standard. Car was Valeted as well. Great work.
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