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Got this off comments.

Spain is  not only an entry point, but an Islamic terror hub for the coming wars. On media and government downplaying of what is blatantly obvious to the public


Islam has infiltrated and subverted the UK and other modern Western democracies over decades. I could write another post about how it has been aided and abetted by the Left and their Cultural Marxist agenda to destroy. This is known as the Red-Green Alliance. Suffice to say this alliance is real and demonstrable in the links between the Left and Islamists. The more Far Left, the more the links are clear – case in point: the SNP, Corbyn and subversive groups like the UAF. For more – google “david horowitz unholy alliance” (video), and “united in hate Jamie Glazov” 


Stealth Jihad (sometimes called Silent Jihad) has been going on for many decades. It started off based on revisionism of Islamic history through the leftist movement of Deconstructionism of literature and history, to whitewash academia to fit Cultural Marxist objectives. One such book was Orientalism by Edward Said. It lead to a complete change in outlook on Islam reflected in Holywood, with romanticised ideas of the ‘Golden Age’ of Islam, exotic harems, noble warriors (with the Crusaders cast as bad guys) the great ‘scientific advances’ of Islam, etc. All lies and distortions. For the real story, Google “1400 year secret” and “Bill Warner golden age”. 

Nowadays Islamist groups, in the guise of politicians, academics, ‘charities’ and others – have completed subverted the narrative that reaches us, the public, via the media, academia and popular culture. All of this lay the basis for Multi-Culturalism which has become a doctrine that meets both the aims of Socialism and Islamism – hence the Red-Green Alliance. 


Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood created the terms ‘Islamophobia’, as they saw how they could co-opt the Left to fight their cause, having witnessed the success of ‘hom*phobia’. The saw Political Correctness as a powerful tool to stamp out dissenting views, attacking them for ‘racism’ and being Far Right (implying Nazism). The Left with its dominance of the MSM became the ‘useful idiots’ of Islam. 

This started off with favourable pieces, based on the victimhood of Musl*ms, great things about their culture, and the myth of their great contributions to the modern world. 

It has developed very quickly into whitewashing the actions if Islamists. For example: 

- Cultural / moral relativism – any bad actions by Musl*ms is framed by justification due Palestine occupation, Iraq war, the Crusades. 
- Individual jihad attacks – media reports ‘no known motive’, ‘no direct links to terror groups’, ‘mental illness’. In the US – Fort Hood was ‘work related violence’, while Chattanooga was a ‘lone wolf’ who was depressed and took drugs. 

Now the attacks are coming thick and fast, the media have no choice but to try more obvious ploys: 

- Moving the story – after initial reports, not returning to tell the full story. EG IKEA beheadings – initial reporting did not mention religion, the assailants screaming ‘allah akbar’, or the beheading of the victims. It was just a ‘random stabbing’. 
- Omitting details – not naming the perpetrators (giving away their background), or their religion, making statements that it was ‘not a terrorist attack’ even hours after the attack, leaving out details of the incident, etc 
- Confusing the story – random unsubstantiated claims about motive being something completely different (‘might be the actions of a Far Right group’ like the Boston Bombings), talking to family and friends how ‘nice’ they were, endless discussion about unrelated factors that could have caused it (drugs, ‘the internet’, mental health, discrimination (!)) etc. 


We should all be aware that we the people are shortly going to witness a massive assault on our freedom of speech, and our right to know the facts. 

Please google “Stephen Coughlin: the jihadist threat” and watch all his videos. He will explain how our country is being forced to accept Sharia blasphemy law, via the UN, who have been subverted by the largest voting bloke of 57 nations (the OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation). 

Camerons recent ‘hardline’ speech about Islam was praised by many. But the agenda is more sinister. When he comes to put legislative flesh on the bones – we will see the real story. He will introduce ‘islamophobia’ legislation. This will criminalise any (ANY) critique of the ideology known as Islam. We will not be able to speak ill of it AT ALL. This goes against all principles of free speech, freedom of the press, etc. Google “Gatestone Belfast pastor”, and “Gates of Vienna truth hate”. 

This will manifest itself in new EU legislation which will hold the OWNERS of forums, websites with comment sections, legally liable for the words and actions of those who post on their websites. EVEN IF they are later moderated or deleted. The net result will be through cost of live moderation, and risk of litigation, comment sections will die off. We are already seeing this to a certain extent with the Daily Mail, Telegraph and others moderating out all perfectly valid opinions that do not fit the ‘mainstream PC narrative’. To a degree, we are seeing it at the DE and it’s getting worse week on week. 

There is also a move to suppress news entirely. There have been numerous articles throughout the Left wing press about ‘Islamonausea’ – the concept that too much negative news about Islam is causing a rise in bigotry, so news should be suppressed. This is a growing and real threat. 


Anyone reading this should consider where they will go – and how they will express their freedom of speech and discover the news that is being suppressed – should this comment section disappear and others like it. 

Don’t bother with UK run sites. I am afraid you may find UK sites may be under attack sooner than we think. I suggest anyone reading this makes note of the following sites so they can stay abreast of the REAL NEWS, and comment freely with others. Please check out: 

The religion of peace 
Political Islam 
Bare naked Islam 
Atlas shrugs 
The Muslim issue 
Gates of Vienna 
SHOCKED tourists were asked to evacuate their holiday homes after police discovered a car parked under their flats was packed with war material including mortars and grenades.
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Tangier Morrocco to Tarifa Spain 30 minutes 18 times a day. Think about how many terrorists on board.
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Daniel Fairclough

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Sign up for techy tea party on this link.
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This company has been awarded Mobile services contract for our Police. Why an American Company. The question should be asked why a currupt company How much of a bung have they offered certain people in The Home office?
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+Jeremy Corbyn I wonder if he will put up a few Immigrants that he thinks the rest of us should have among us. Lets see if he walks the walk.
Welcome to the seven-bedroom home where the Labour leadership candidate set out on his radical path
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+Pat Real let's see if he will take in any of those he expects the rest of us to accommodate.
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UK surveillance ‘worse than 1984,’ says new UN privacy chief:
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I bet, how's ur securities and exchange act? Whatever brings the most profit regardless of best interest,, glad we covered that
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Not warm at all right now. Cool winds. Wind almost broke a light. The sky is grey. Not doing a lot to help the Sunday as if it's not worse on it's own. 
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MORE examples of violence and threats from the religion of "peace" - thug muslims attack Tommy Robinson in public saying he is racist - yet he is with an Asian journalist with whom he seems more than comfortable as does she. #islam   #ukip   #edl   #britainfirst   #islamists  
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Anyone can go to a techy tea party not just elderly
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This is what yvette Cooper wants for Britain 
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hello friend,how are you
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No Blair Or Bush?
Hindsight is 20/20. Looking backwards after someone's personality has developed, you can observe clear benchmarks that make their future seem obvious. But at the time, while the plot is still unveiling itself, there's no way to tell what the outcome of anyone's life story will be.
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Maybe the leaders of EU,UK & USA should bare this in mind
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I don't mind saying I slog my Great British arse off for the princely hourly rate of £6.51. 
Just so some Somalian pirate can live in a mansion. 
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Brian Anderson over at Downtrend has ten questions that liberals can’t answer, and they are spot-on.
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