Glass in the Classroom
by @HTECb 
Day 2

Over the next week, I'll be giving each of my #CTY   #Princeton    students an hour with my new Glass unit, to play with the interface  and to have some hands-on experience of the hands-free future. They are also instructed to record video and pictures of their experience in class, to share on our collective Twitter stream.

This media collection is the product of our second day of work with the device, taken by two of the 13 students in class, along with our TA, Tatiana. 

For legal reasons, they are told to try and avoid taking pictures of each other's faces, and when they have I've blurred out identifying features. Otherwise, this is video straight from the student's perspective. This is a fantastic opportunity, both for the the students as they explore issues in the philosophy of technology, but also for educators like myself trying to fit these tools into the learning process. 

Stay tuned for more great content coming out of HTECb over the next week! Keep engaging us on Twitter @htecb

See Day 1 here:

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@HTECb presents: Glass in the Classroom Day 2
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