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Can anyone give me a good history with facts about the occupy movement, how it started, and any other details? I am writing a book and want to base the introduction in this environment, to give visibility to the cause and make commentary on it. I hope to be able to complete this book within a timeframe that can help.
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Can you get a coherent plot together, written, and published in two months? I'd say it'd still be fresh in that amount of time. After that, unless there're more flare-ups you're out of luck. For help publishing quickly, Kindle Self-Publishing is your best bet. Also, is #Occupy going to be the focus, or simply a setting for the introduction? Because if occupy is going to be the focus, you'd best think about what license you're going to release under. The people who would be attracted to a book solely about occupy are also likely to be attracted to a book under Creative Commons licensing, or in the public domain like "From Dictatorship to Democracy" by Gene Sharp. Also, if this is the sci-fi based on genetics, feel free to hit me up for any fact-checking or general help. Science-fiction is a genre I enjoy (although I don't write it), and genetics is the career I'm going into.
Is this somehow related to your Zimbabwe book?
Jeff Jarvis started it with a tweet that said "fuck you government" or something to that effect, that essentially went viral on twitter.
Close enough. It was #fuckyouwashington
Awesome stuff people. Thanks alot for your help thusfar!

I'll have plenty of other questions as they come up in writing.
The book is the scifi book about genetics, and there is a lot of social commentary. One of the scenes is a news interview with a protester.
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