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I want a car with these doors.
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What if it's raining sideways? Your car's going to be soaked...
Interesting concept, but would it pass safety tests when electrical power fails?
I always get people that park too close to my two door car, making it hard to get in. This feature would come in handy!
I am going to go ahead and rip the car doors off the next vehicle I get. (Without one at the moment.) That way I can look like I am balling, and just didn't feel like "shutting" the doors. No one will know, right?
Someone really needs to redesign their website. Lost all credibility when I saw it
Like a BMW Z1 in fact but on more normal cars.
Makes it easier to pull up to the pond in your raised truck and throw out a line from your pocket fishing pole, I would imagine.
I'm sure it works great in winter.
+Corey Barnwell - Wooooosh! Also must have never had to deal with putting jeep doors on and off, plus you lose the benefits of having the doors while rolling...
what if you have a wreck and the doors break how will you get out
Is this real? And if it is, how much?
why would they do that u culd fall out and hurt urself or loved ones
Perfect, that will make it easy to steal the car as they are getting out...
That baby seat is improperly installed.
Theo only major flaw with this is the simple fact that if the mechanism breaks, you're pretty much completely screwed in terms of getting into/out of your car. Unless there's some kind of backup manual mechanism.
Video has been around for years, but still haven't seen a working model on the street.
ohh love it! When can i get this for my truck!
Maybe if they'd bump the track a bit I'd care more.
If it has a mechanical release so you can open and close it manually in case of malfunction I think that would be great.
cooooooooool I WANT THATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all I can say is wow I want some of those doors too
That would be so awesome to have! I wonder if they freeze shut like my car doors do sometimes here when it goes below freezing.
Far too many safety and practical issues around structure and electrical reliability. But I did like the bit when parked right next to another car. Be pretty rad when it opens at 130km/h on the motorway! Less rad in a crash or during power failure. Never get a warrant because theres no structural integrity
I live in WV, where we get ice on our windows and such; thus we generally won't roll our windows down until the ice melts. So how would someone get in the car? must scratch the windows clean? but don't you keep your ice scraper IN the car? hmm....
I saw that car for sale on eBay quite a few years ago. It was a prototype and that was the end of it. Same black Lincoln from then. Are they still in business, or is this a rehash of their early-2000s development.
But now how am I going to knock that thug with an uzi off his motorcyle when he's chasing me?
wear your seatbelt? =p also im assuming it doesnt open until you hit a switch to make it do so.
The BMW Z1 had doors like this, I believe
no way!!!! that is not real!! is it????
Can you still open it if the battery runs flat?
Looks like another thing that can go wrong. I'll stick with regular doors.
looks like about 5k to fix it if something goes wrong.
Wont be that nice if it rains
At the auto show in Toronto, BMW has a concept car that the door slides forward.
Jonathan ... with a baseball bat... now you have room to swing :)
what if you hand or other body part is in the way? will it be chopped of? or is there a safety feature that prevents this?
I'd be worried about safety, does that door just crumple on a side impact collision? And as others have said if power fails how do you get out?
These are actually pretty cool. I agree with +Anthony Vespucci the website is terrible.. I wouldn't invest in them just yet.. but some of these comments are strange.. How to get out after an accident?? The hinge style doors ALSO don't really open after an accident! You could fall out?? what? Guys.. do you drive with your doors open now? c'mon.. use some common sense. :)
YA. what if you got in an car acident. Huh what then
You just sent this to me. Why? I don't even know you.
And how do you get out if your in an accident?
what happens with power failure?
I saw this on youtube at one point and loved the idea. It probably won't make it here though...makes too much sense and we couldn't have that could we?
Never mind that, think of the lack of torsional rigidity.
I totally agree with you. The car would just get all wet. hahahahah
Tesla Motor's new Model X has "falcon wing" doors that have these advantages plus they provide a "roof" while open and allow you to stand up while you enter/exit the car. Paparazzi will hate this - falcon wing doors will allow celebs to stand up first and then turn to exit the vehicle.
Would absolutely fail upon side impact. No thanks.
I imagine this is as safe as the butterfly opening doors you see on the Mercedes SLS and the wing opening doors on lambos.
Works well, I'd bet, for mild climates but I wonder how well the mechanism works in colder areas? I'd bet on really cold days in midwestern winters, it'd be a little difficult to get that open.
In a submersion accident, it's possible to become trapped in a vehicle until the pressure equalizes between the interior and the exterior. Not good. These doors would eliminate that, assuming there is a manual release.

On a side-impact collision, this door would have greater reinforcement to prevent hinge failure. I've seen it happen, though rare.

In all, I'd say this is awesome.
Been around since at least 2005, first saw it then and it still hasn't gone anywhere. In fact the website has gone downhill big-time, it used to be really slick.
why does this look like a huge batch of well implemented bullsh*t?
H Jones
This is Awesome
Very cool... maybe Fiat can work this into the Chrysler line-ups... though it would have ruined the coolness of The Dukes of Hazzard (but saved Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and others).
had that on the tailgate in 1971 station wagon
very funny do you want to die
There were these tailgates that were similar. My Dad had a Pontiac with the ... "Clamshell: Full-size GM 1971–1976 wagons (Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac) featured a 'Clamshell' design where the rear power-operated glass slid up into the roof as the tailgate (manually or with power assist), dropped below the load floor. "
I remember when this video was popular 5 years ago!
Nice, but I believe mid range cars are expensive enough as it is.
Not to mention those must break once in a while, hopefully they have a mechanism per door and not a single one for all of them... Imagine being stuck in the car cause the single mechanism broke :o .
Verstical door kits break enough as it is and are expensive too.
+Azure Mallone, actually, numerous tests indicate that electrical systems can continue to work when submerged, with rescue divers having heard the radio playing as much as 30 minutes after submersion.
Reinforced or not, no B pillar has hurt how solid the car feels while driving and has make this a death trap in an accident. Very cool to look at, but I wouldn't want to ride in one!
what will I hide behind in a shootout?
+kevin Johnson you are correct, most people will not read it even though it answers all the dumb questions they are asking, lol. Thanks for the post though. :)
Mm Gg
Yah but how does it hold up when you get TBoned at a light.
wow this is pretty cool piece of tech and engineering...
what if you drive into a pond and cant get out!!
omg what if someone stills your car or brakes into it oh wait u dont have to brake in this is a weird and dangours car
Jeff M
what happens if the power is cut?
Hey man you are incredible. Can you imagine me with a car like that? Don't even think about it. Are you going to buy one like this?
Terrible for cop cars. Cops use the doors as shields.
this video: technology from 2002 integrated into a car from 1995
wait.. the doors r invisible? wtf
What a brilliant idea! One question. What happens if the battery is flat?
Great doors as long as you don't live somewhere temperatures may drop below zero. If you park the car outside, those doors would get wrecked by ice the first winter night.
wow thats kind of cool but what if someone hit you on that side? are you still safe?
What do you do if the battery fails?
They are really sharp but have you considered how easy it would be to get you cut out of the car after you have been T-boned at an intersection by a Kenworth?
Here in South Florida it is not uncommon for someone to drive into a lake. Does the door require electricity to open? In case of emergency is there an alternate way to open the door?
what happens if your reaching for something inside the car form the outside and accidentally click the close button on the remote?
That's an awesome concept, until the door motor fails or you are in a side-impact accident. There's nothing on the door for a Jaws of Life to peel back but still, that is really awesome looking.
sweet what whent wrong of then make it now we shoud see more on the road by now along with hoverbord
Quite a few cars have this, lots of older models. Good for getting out the car in a tight carpark!
Cool but mechanically impractical. Reminds of that James Bond submarine Lotus where the wheels just disappear 'somewhere' into the car. These doors may be workable on one of those $800K cars where you need to have someone detail it after each drive, if you drove it in the rain, or on a road with dirt. Also, do the doors actually go under the car? what if there's a protruding rock down there?
just awesome! But what about in an accident? I suppose they'd be no harder to remove than normal doors.
I own europe we remove the door to get in "Skoda"

love this system..its smart..
Now imagine using it in a rain storm.
Yes, I see issues, and solutions! Electric windows already use safeties to reduce the likelihood of dangerous closure scenarios. A similar sensor and relay mechanism would return the door to an open state in the event of obstruction.
Ground clearance IS clearly an issue, that said why haven't I seen any rides with these doors on an SUV?!
Disappearing Doors:
Just another excuse to drive with no pants on
So do I...!!! only i want it yesterday:-D
Actually i do not like it b/cuz rain and dust can settle in the car easily
Cool! What about if your battery is dead, how do you unlock the door? or you get in an accident and lose electric power?
Somehow I feel this gives way more time to people who wish to bum rush you at your car or to take your things.
I would expect to see that in a Bentley, or Maybach.
Plus what will you use as a shield in a gun fight?!
that is an old concept car! still no production car has had that.

makes more sense than the gull wing doors and stuff that need nore height clearance.
Thinking side impact protection - how would the protection systems and airbags work if the door is effectively hinged in the middle. I know what the FAQ says, but since (2008 as per copyright) standards have moved on somewhat.

Also the ride height question - the door has to roll under the vehicle, so that means a deeper floorpan? What impact would that have on body rigidity?

Suspect there would be a fair amount of additional weight with motors and associated running gear. Not in keeping with the current trend for keeping vehicles lighter to improve efficiency.

I understand why the mainstream manufacturer who sponsored it canned it. Looks like an evolutionary deadend.
Fascinating how they managed to make such a boring video about something so spectacular.
Like all extra fancy crap added to cars these days - this will make the vehicle much more expensive to insure because it will be that much more expensive to fix. Enjoy, 1%-ers. Just don't complain when you see that $3k premium for your symbol 80+ status symbol from hell.
Pretty cool but I wonder about people locking keys in the car. There has to be a fob that activates the door but I see no exterior button on the body to activate it. As a person that has locked their keys in their car several times this is a concern to me.
I wish I could park next to him, every time.
1 question...
how do they close the door? -_-
Did anyone notice the Copyright on the clip, 2007? Here is is 5 years later, where is a single production model with these doors?
Nice, but could never work on my car. I don't have the ground clearance on my car...
I have heard of this years ago great idea !
If you park a car in front of the Fox Theatre--as shown at the beginning of the video--the doors are likely to disappear without the technology described.
You'll have a disappearing wallet too!
Makes the gull wing doors look clumsy
Super cool feature
That woman taking the baby out of the car is trying really hard not to let you see her face.
Why was this filmed in the eighties? lol!
makes it easier to jump out if you need to.
I can't wait to see someone get in or out during a rainstorm. ;-0
@ Eddie Lopez: The baby is Black because the woman playing the part of its mother is a Black woman wearing white stockings.
They make something that does the same thing, but it's a lot smaller so you don't have to go around carrying an emergency tennis ball. It's called a "key".
Ha it would be funny to see someone drunk and driveing that car
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