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  • East Carolina University
    MBA, 2013 - present
  • East Carolina University
    MS Software Engineering, 2011 - 2011
  • East Carolina University
    BS in Applied Physics, 2001 - 2005
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Daniel Ely Rankin
Innovative Entrepreneurial Dreamer
Hey, I'm me.   Dig physics, mostly the classical stuff that models the way the world works in a macro state.

I am helping the Energy From Thorium Foundation change the legislation to allow Thorium Breeders to be fully developed and stand a chance in the open market.  Follow me at @ThorFoundation on Twitter and on facebook Energy from Thorium.

I am working on a line of camera accessories.  Hopefully will be looking for investment soon.

I am working on a multi legged robot.  #Excited. #arduino.

I am a Account Support Consultant for Fleet Customers for NACCO Materials Handling Group and its a fun and challenging job so far.  Lots of SQL queries.  

I'm a Beta user of G+ and a love it,  hopefully I will be around much more than I have been.

Bragging rights
Russ Wilcox has left me a voicemail. A Mensan. Aspiring entrepreneur/inventor. I once asked +Vic Gundotra for $1 Billion dollars in a hangout, and his response was 'I will circulate this around internally!"
Looking for (challenging) work or entrepreneurial partners.
  • NACCO Industries, Inc.
    Account Support Consultant, 2012 - present
  • NACCO Industries, Inc.
    Fabrication Engineer (contract), 2012 - 2012
  • Sara Lee Bakery
    Maintenance Scheduler Planner, 2008 - 2010
    Industrial Engineer, 2003 - 2007
  • Masters Student in Software Engineering (9 hrs)
    2010 - 2010
  • Andy's Cheesesteaks and Cheeseburgers
    Burger Flipper, 2001 - 2002
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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Seems to me that geophysical models on age are missing the point that this part of space has a much lower gravitation potential, Pluto has a much smaller gravity, and the chance of high velocity interactions such as the ones that form impact craters are millions of times less likely. Sure the core may be a nuclear fission reactor or there may be a long cycle phase transition near surface, but a 11km mountain range is highly unlikely without a solid core on such a small dwarf.

That means Pluto may look young, but its aged many order of magnitudes better than other orbiting bodies.

Look forward to hearing more as we learn it! 
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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#gillermodeltoro #hellyes #thestrain

+Sean Cowen

'Taking vampires back from those damn kids'
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Is that a good one? Have to look into this. Thanks, Dan!
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to clean your hands if you don't have immediate access to soap and water. But whether you’re a habitual squirter or use it only when needed, you may be surprised to learn that hand sanitizer is not actually healthy for your skin. In this video from DNews, host Tara Long explains why you should stop using hand sanitizer immediately.  
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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Very interesting #federaldebt
After consecutive budget surpluses the last 4 years (1998-2001) of the Clinton administration, the U.S. was looking at a projected $6.7 trillion surplus over the next decade when George W. Bush came into office. That unprecedented projected federal bounty turned out to be the budget equivalent of Big Foot: it wasn’t [...]
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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bonsoir daniel comment va tu et a paris merci
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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Daniel Ely Rankin

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This is an older article, but its why I am a   #nuclearPower  advocate.  If you put all preconceptions aside and look at the data, you have to compare things as apples to apples.  I believe nuclear should provide  base load power, not coal or gas (short term better than Coal) and renewable provide as much as they can.

Look at the impact, scientifically, from #Nasa .
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Don't let facts interfere with the emotions of the Green left...
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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I'm going land rover skiiing.
Land Rover's working on a feature to allow the driver to exit his SUV and control it with a smartphone app.
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Considering the average Land Rover owner appears to be completely incapable of driving their vehicle when sat behind the wheel, I cannot see this ending well.
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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The new car? Robots. Two full scale humanoids in every driveway... I mean home
SRI unveils a walking humanoid robot that's 20x more efficient than ATLAS
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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What a race. First to provide #internet to the #nextbillion and maybe everyone.
Elon Musk is currently seeking government approval to begin testing on a project to broadcast the Internet from 4,000 satellites orbiting the Earth. He claims he wants to beam high-speed Internet to all corners of the world.
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Daniel Ely Rankin

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Busexnlloa Atvsen...???? 
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