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To Skynet or not to Skynet? THAT is the question!

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I'm sure my repairman won't be able to fix this! 

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OpenSource to its max! Waiting for the 3.5" version!
NAS system based on +MediaTek MT7621A dual core / quad thread MIPS processor that runs +Linux distributions such as +Debian, OpenWrt, LEDE, or LibreCMC.

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I have a few observations to the instructions to obtain device administrator privileges presented here:
1. The third case didn't work for me. At all.
2. The second case worked perfectly without resetting the phone. All I did was remove all the accounts (everything was still intact), run the mentioned command, then add the accounts back.
I hope this helps.

PS: I have a Sony Z5 Compact running the last Marshmallow software.

Giving FitBit's uncertain commit towards Pebble's legend, is there anything similar that could replace and take over Pebble's legacy?

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Self loading letter box! 

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The text below is from Google+ friend who shared it privately but I thought that it should've been public. I'd like to add my thoughts on the subject as well. They should've made "Allo" and "Duo" just the new back services of Hangouts and rebrand it back to Gtalk and reintegrate SMS. That's if you want to continue letting Google know about every conversation you're having at least 😇

Warning, stuff about google so fanboys you might want to look away

So what I don't get is how Google is constantly developing messaging apps to add in features or to cater to a certain group yet with Google home, they didn't.

Google launched Chromecast and it was hit. It had its own app and people loved it! I went out and got 2 of them just because. Then came Chromecast audio which didn't make a whole lot of sense BUT kind of under the Chromecast umbrella. Now we have Google home and instead of Google saying 'you know what, it needs its own app because features or what have you' they just combined all 3 and just kept 1 app.

Why can't Google do this with messaging apps?

You know how fucking epic it would be if Google just stuck with 1 app and just added features as time went by? Yes they would still appeal to a certain group but it would begin to lead by example. What I mean is that Android's one knock that you always hear from iPhone users and people really looking to knock it is the fragmentation issue. Is going to continue to be a problem because Google themselves contributes to it hahaha

Anyways, just thoughts and like I said if you're a fanboy then you should of probably looked away. This is not for the sensitive Google knights :-)

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Best way to make watermelon smoothie!

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A good moment and a bit of Google Photos auto magic.. 

Intent interception by multiple apps...

Hello there!

I have this profile that reacts to this PowerAmp intent: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.TRACK_CHANGED. Everything works OK in Tasker except that Simple Scrobbler doesn't pick the song information anymore. So the question is: if an intent is already picked by an app it will not be available to another?


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