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Daniel Delos
Specialist in Google penalty analysis, recovery, and cleanup. Founder of Rewind SEO
Specialist in Google penalty analysis, recovery, and cleanup. Founder of Rewind SEO

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Thanks for the invite! Sharing the sentiment we keep this free of spam and unnecessary self promotion :)

I have a client with an unnatural links penalty on a fairly big tech/gadget blog that I can't see how to resolve. At this point, around 85% of the links are disavowed (the remainder look genuinely organic and most are relevant to topic).

In the example links, Google previously cited obscure blogspot links which that were not shown on the webmaster tools sample links and had not been picked up by either ahrefs or Majestic's indexes. 

In this latest rejection, all 3 of the example links are already disavowed and we had already attempted to get them removed, some more than once. The 'bad' sites mostly consist of tech blogs and sites that had syndicated the same or almost the same (well spun) post in 2008 with very commercial anchor text. As stated, they are all disavowed and we can't seem to get any more of these link removed. 

Besides the standard rejection notice, this time the reviewer also added:

"A note from your reviewer:

Thanks for your documentation and effort. However, your backlink profile still includes many unnatural links. Please use the examples provided as a guide for the kinds of links that still need to be removed." 

Since the examples are all disavowed already, they do clearly want them removed. But these are all 6-7 year old links, we have already contacted them through email where possible (some are with no contact), so there's not a lot of success on the removal side.   Any ideas?

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Giving any money to charity is noble, and it is deeply personal. Anyone who donates should feel good about it. I do wish we were a lot more rational about it at times. 
If you wanted to see how marketing can skew us, look no further than the graph below. Charities associated with breast and prostate cancer leave everyone else in the dust in money raising, yet other diseases kill a lot more of our fellow humans. 

Should the two red dots high on the money scale give some of their money to the lonely red dot on the bottom right because that dot is 10x more deaths? What do you think?

Link removal horror story.

A client decided it would be a good idea to pay some directories to remove their links to his site. Two of the directories after removing links, now seem to have added them to their full network of web directories (hundreds of sites!!). Not surprising to see this form of extortion coming from web directories which basically only exist to charge for link removal fees...

Problem now is I have two email addresses and want to find all sites registered with either of those emails in the whois contacts, so that I can disavow them.

The site is already recovering from a penalty so I don't want to wait for ahrefs or other indexes to find these new directories because by then it could mean long term damage.

Do any of you guys know of a good reverse whois service to find all websites with a specific whois email?

Would like to get all or almost all the domains under each email but not pay $100-$200 per report... Here's what I've looked at so far: which is updated quarterly, found one email with 415 domains (all directories) which I plan to disavow but drawing a blank with the second email. is showing 110 domains registered to the second email but charges $199 for this report which seems excessive. The owner of the directories himself is charging $300 to remove all the links which I am strongly advising my client against. 

Another site (forgot name) seems to have all the domains but charges around $100 for the report, again, a lot... Other free whois services I found are only listing a fraction of the number of domains that the above two have found. 

How much will a country-specific TLD hold back international SERP rankings?

I have a client with a .ws domain (Samoa) who is trying to target more internationally, particularly the United States. They are getting some interest from Europe which their link profile reflects and overall, the links look like no problem.

The onsite does need improvement but my guess is that the .ws domain is putting them at a big disadvantage for international searches. I'm going to suggest they redirect to .com/net/org but curious how big a difference does this actually make?

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Interesting article on the future of social networks. All of them seem to be moving towards what I would call a "social real estate" model where it's not about getting everyone to one site, it's about acquiring the sites (plural) that everyone goes to in order to harvest information from users across these multiple sites. The bottom line of course is always to send users more specifically targeted ads wherever they go.

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A close look at sitewide links (header links, sidebar links and footer links). What's considered safe and risky? Not all sitewide links are risky. In this article, I go over many real examples with reasons why they are either safe or risky. 
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