Last time I updated everyone on Presto Balance's statistics was in October 2014. The project has come a long way and has uncovered some interesting discoveries, such as early TTC Presto tests on Street Cars and Bus lines.

As of Today, we're looking at:
213,565 transaction rows seen (4x)
1,131 unique transaction locations (2x)
Over 500 transaction locations corrected (~2x)

Thanks to everyone contributing to the Location Corrections. I've updated the spreadsheet to reflect the latest version of the corrections (you can find the link in the original post). So far, Ottawa locations are the most tedious, and station names on their Rapid Transit lines are confusing.

Continuing forward, there'll be more work on the Android application to bring it up to feature parity with the web version (multi-leg trip support). Good news is that the latest Android version of the app is already hanging onto all transaction data which means transactions beyond the usually-available 3-month window will remain on your device.

This information will eventually be rolled into spending breakdowns, easily filterable by agency and by date.

More as it becomes available (:

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Some stats:

50,787 transaction rows seen
685 unique transaction locations
289 transaction locations manually entered

396 transaction locations to correct

There are a ton of locations left to correct! I've talked about crowdsourcing these, so if anyone is willing, please take a look at this spreadsheet below. If 10 people made 2 corrections per day, we'd be done in under 20 days!

This is one of the ways I'm trying to add value to Presto Balance, by trying to do something the official site cannot, and that is display information in a clean, consistent way. If you want to be part of this effort, just hit the document link (:

Thanks guys
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