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Daniel DeBosschere
Think Different. Design Experiences.
Think Different. Design Experiences.

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Reshare this post so we can test the new Google+ Ripples! The more reshares, the more interesting the graph.

So please, everyone reshare.

G+ finally popping - what up world

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Is officially a "Genius"

Wow - Google
bought Motorola today. We shall see how this plays out

i love my social network. millions of reasons.

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Thanks everyone for another amazing week on G+! Here's a sampling of features and fixes we've rolled out most recently:

- You can now re-order your circles by dragging them left or right on the Circles page, and they'll stay that way across Google+. (For bonus points, try dragging one of your circles into the top half of the Circles page.) [original post:]

- Webmasters can now see and test updates of the +1 button before they're launched to all users on their site [original post:]

- The +1 button now renders up to 3x faster, and webmasters can make things even speedier by using the new async javascript snippet [original post:]

- You can now choose who can start a huddle with you: Anyone, your Extended Circles, or just your Circles. To make your selection just visit Google+ settings on the desktop, or G+ settings on Android. [see attached screenshot]

- You should now see a better list of places when searching for a place to check into on G+ mobile. [original post:]

- You can now edit the names of your photo albums directly inside of Google+. Just go the Photos page, click "Your albums", choose an album, and click on the album title. [original post:]

- You can now create new circles in-line from the "Add to Circle" menu all across G+ (including profiles, hovercards, and people suggestions). [see attached screenshot]

- And… we've created a "What's new in Google+" page that'll help keep track of these features & fixes in the future [what's new page:]

Keep the feedback coming y'all -- we're listening, and making changes. Enjoy the weekend!
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Introducing The Google+ Start-Up Guide:Website Edition (English Only - So Far)

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