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Daniel Düngel (rwolupo)
Im Herzen war ich schon immer Pirat ^^
Im Herzen war ich schon immer Pirat ^^

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Der Weg zu einer sozialen Gerechtigkeit ist lang. Eine #Kindergrundsicherung wäre #smartgerecht und ein wichtiger erster Schritt. #ltwnrw17 #BGE

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Heute: Welttag der sozialen Gerechtigkeit.
Was denkt ihr? Wie schaffen wir soziale Gerechtigkeit? #Kindergrundsicherung? #BGE? #WeiterSo?

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Ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen ist #smartgerecht & schafft weniger Angst und mehr Sicherheit. Für ein (fast) sorgenfreies Leben. #BGE

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Agents, two more Mission Days have been selected!

March 19th Johannesburg, South Africa

May 6th Prague, Czech Republic



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Unsere Zukunft der Familienpolitik: #BGE.
Grandiose Arbeit von Daniel Düngel, Andrea Spiller, Yaroslav Dimont, Svenja Sudeikat und Professor Holger Ziegler
#ltnrw #ltwnrw17

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Google+ Beta Tester!?
Google hat scheinbar großes vor mit Google+ denn seit gestern werden Google+ Beta-Tester gesucht um neue Funktionen aus zu probieren.

Die Voraussetzungen:
● Aktiver Poster auf Google+
● Motiviert, mehr über Google+ zu erfahren und zur Produktdiskussion beizutragen
● Selbstverständlich erwartet sich Google auch Rückmeldungen

Falls du Interesse hast kannst du dich hier bewerben:

[Erstellt von +Jefferson Krautsieder]

Beitrag von Google:

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Roses are red. The Resistance are blue. Level six resonators are limited to two.

Love is in the air Agents! Valentine's Day is around the corner and we want to celebrate your favorite memories and the romances that were found via Ingress.

Share your story using #IngressValentine in your post and we will reward the best ones with two special Valentine’s Day passcodes. The deadline to be eligible for a passcode is 11:59PM PST on 14 FEB 2017.

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Yes! I like this platinum dark color much better! Thank you Zurich! 💙

Utrecht - Stuttgart - Paris - Milan - Vienna - Rotterdam - Nuremberg - Cologne - Rome - Zurich
My personal Mission Day mosaic is 1.5 years long and includes ten cities and seven countries. Each of them is a precious piece of memory... I had it all, slow and lazy mission days and literally running when I had only two hours untill I had to catch my train/flight home. Rain, hot sun, sun burn, wet fountains, GPS drift, empty batteries, music, vodka, doing-wrong-missions, silly selfies, meow! this list is endless...

Thank you everyone who walked those missions with me, patiently waited for me while I was solving my gps problems, internet problems, and especially when I was taking pictures and uploading them on g+.

+wother ronin​​​​​
+Bad Eend​​​​​
+Jan M.​​​​​
+Marius H Tronstad​​​​​
+Gerald Scholz​​​​​
+Arnaud - Gustaf Valentine​​​​​
+Minnie Max​​​​​
+Adriána Perkele​​​​​
+Christoph Hansen​​​​​
+Christoph H.​​​​​
+Vicki Ellen​​​​​
+Toon Schoenmakers​​​​​
+Arend Smilde​​​​​
+Kira Kage​​​​​
+David Escrivà​​​​​
+Jan Kopanski​​​​​
+Sophia Mair​​​​
+Don Darkness​​​​​
+Matilde Tusberti​​​
#ingressMissionDay #ingress #IngressFamily

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sad news ... but good luck in the future, +Matilde Tusberti
It's this moment, the moment in which Bilbo Baggins goes home and realizes the adventure is over.

I'm deeply sad writing this post, but I think I did the right choice. In a few words, I'm leaving +Niantic in order to finish my studies - Biotechnology.
Niantic Labs happened all of a sudden in my life, one day of April 2014, when +Anne Beuttenmueller asked me if I would have loved to join the Ingress team.. just 3 years ago?! It seems I've lived 7+ years from that day. I was still studying and I decided to pause it for this. "let's try it" - what a wonderful decision. \o/

What can I say...what a journey, guys. I loved all the meetups, Mission Days and Anomalies, even if they were stressful as hell...many many many agents all together came to our events and we were only 2 persons, sometimes 3. It's a lot to take care of. But when I hit the ground after all the preparations, I'm like a new person: I feel energized by all of you, smiling to me because this event is happening, giving me the impression nothing can go wrong. And more than everything else, I felt like I had a giant bicolor family.
When you see Anne or +Andrew Krug or +Masashi Kawashima or +Archit Bhargava or anybody else around there, at events, you must know that whatever is happening it has their full efforts in it. It's very very challenging to organize stuff for thousands people, seriously. Have you ever organized 7-10.000 people? Try it out :) so don't get angry if you happen to be the one person with a problem, it happens everywhere anytime to everybody :D

My first event was with 500 people and I told to myself: "I'm not even able to plan a dinner for 20 people, what the heeeeeck!" Right now a 500 people event is like...sugar! I've changed so much and grown a lot during these 3 years. I was just a player, then I became a planner, a coordinator, an organizator, actor wrangler, a community manager - just sometimes, when I could actually help (I'm sorry if I couldn't help some of you, I just didn't have the position or rights to do what you were passing through).

[/emotional mode on] - sorry :D I must.

I think 3 years ago I didn't even know who am I. I think I have a way better idea right now.
It's incredible how much of self awareness I achieved. I would have never believed in myself how I do right now, if it wasn't for this experience.
The special part of this post is, though, all of the agents around the world. I love you all :) <3 you made my life much better during 4 years, and it will continue to be so, cause we'll see each other at the next event, right?!?!?!

Whatever you want to achieve, whatever you dream, believe in yourself!
You can do it :)

[/emotional mode off]

A huge thank you to all the Niantic crew, specially to +Anne Beuttenmueller who was my Master for 3 years (so much patience!) and to +John Hanke who started this crazy wonderful world that brought us all together.

+Ingress rocks!! See you all at the next anomaly event... ;)

....finally....playing again :D

(picture from Rome and the Xmas Niantic party in SF, if you wonder :D)

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It took a few days, but I was able to verify the partial document that emerged on social media earlier this week. My source was also able to provide a fully unredacted version -- it appears two different versions of the document leaked last week, each…
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