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More good stuff, +Frederick Vallaeys! On behalf of the  #Acquisition   #Marketing  Team .... thanks for sharing some strategic  #PPC  / #SEM   expertise with via the +Google Partners Connect live event this morning!

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Been a long time coming!
If your site presents a bad mobile experience, Google might not let it rank as well, in the future.
At Search Marketing Expo East, Google engineer Gary Illyes talked a lot about user experience and how webmasters really need to focus on that. Over the pas

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If you manage #PPC  campaigns ... nobody worth listening to more than +Larry Kim!
What’s the average click-through rate for a Google AdWords ad? When people ask this question, it’s often because they want to benchmark their own ad CTR’s. Unfortunately, way too many advertisers are

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More reinforcement for the fact that #SEO is NOT Dead !
Ahhh, good old SEO. Well, actually, there's nothing that "old" about SEO, is there? Sure, it's one of the cornerstones of successful online marketing, but the best #SEO tactics are always evolving to keep up with the ever-changing search engines and their algorithms.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to not only survive today's SERPs, but truly thrive in them -- spend a little time this Saturday with some of the freshest SEO guides, tutorials, and analyses provided by our brilliant contributors:  

18 Lessons Learned In Leveraging Event Marketing For B2B SEO - 

Discover Who’s Eating Your SEO Lunch… And How To Beat Them - 

After Suffering Link Trouble, Should You Second-Guess Your SEO? -

The Indirect SEO Benefits Of Guest Posting - 

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"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep."
  -- Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, French Diplomat

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Ready yourself before watching ... even some of the toughest around the office may find this touching! <cough>+Jay Bowen<cough>
"No, that's inhumane" ... This Is the World's Toughest Job, & Billions Are Already Doing It - via +Mashable | #thanksagainforeverythingbtw
Twenty-four applicants who applied for the world's toughest job could not believe their ears. 24/7 work, no rest -- and it's paid absolutely nothing.

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 Diggin' your new site, +Christopher Dodd. Bound to develop some serious athletes ... and SOON - good luck!!

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Seen the #hashtag   #agencylife  used recently and found yourself wondering what it means? The wait is over - here's the #blog  entry you've been waiting for ...

Written by one of our own here at +DaviesMoore+Tyler LaDouceur, explains both the joys and pains that come from a career in #advertising , as well as some of his experience while employed at a fast-paced, competitive, creative, demanding (but also rewarding) #agency  in Boise (you know ... like  the ever so carefully crafted environment here at +DaviesMoore!)
Agency Life: what does this mean? If you follow any of us from DaviesMoore on social media, it’s highly likely you’ve seen us utilize the hashtag #agencylife. Most commonly, this hashtag is paired with fun happenings in the agency. Those fun happenings may come in the form of an agency happy hour, an amazing lunch provided by our boss (may or may not include a specialty drink), a suite night at the Idaho Steelheads or a number of other special pr...

Dan Cubero

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Hey guys, my latest #marketing  blog post at +DaviesMoore - enjoy!
Latest DM blog post:  #Advertising  Small Businesses in a Competitive, #Local  Environment through #SearchEngineMarketing  - via +Dan Cubero, #Digital  Specialist at +DaviesMoore | #SEM
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My man - thanks  for sharing your insight on this topic! I think it's great that you provided that little reminder that no matter the size or scale of a company, there are tools, resources and strategies out there to help even the playing field a bit. The B&B is a great example; I think we can all relate in one way or another on that feeling of not being able to compete against those giants, but if we take a step back and really identify those uniqueness's, those giants just may need to keep a closer eye on that rear view mirror ;)  

Dan Cubero

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Looking to gain some marketing / advertising experience this summer? +DaviesMoore is looking for talented agency interns in nearly every department.
Suits or Sandals - which summer #intern  are you? Apply for our 6-week program & experience #agencylife  the DM way |

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If only any of these were easily solved!

"Want To Become A Billionaire? Just Solve One Of These 10 Problems" - via +Robert Wile & +Business Insider |

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I'm a fan ... and haha some of these are, well ... appropriately inappropriate!
DM'ers are monster Game of Thrones fans - don't be surprised to get one of THESE come the next holiday | #agencylife
You may be engaged in an epic struggle to slaughter your enemies and claim the throne, but you can still take the time to send a nice card.
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What’s the average click-through rate for a Google AdWords ad? When people ask this question, it’s often because they want to benchmark thei

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If you love "the most beautiful game" ... there's no place else you'll like better. As a soccer player and coach, there's no place I'd rather play. There's a reason the whole world has such a passion for soccer, so whether you are ultra competitive, or are pursuing your first contact with soccer seeking fitness or fun, Boise Indoor Soccer has room for your talents. If you're willing to experience the joys of indoor soccer, then call Ed, the arena manager. They have competitive leagues for all ages, genders and skill levels, so rain or shine, know that there's a team and a worthwhile experience out there ready to fulfill your indoor soccer interests, whatever they may be!
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No free wifi! negative among many, many positives.
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