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The Bible tells us there is a greater context to the recent, horrible events that have occurred in our country. Sadly, things are unlikely to improve, but we are getting closer to our Lord's return. Until then, we are to extend to all the grace and mercy that God has given to us.

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Great app. Glad to see an update. 
Focus 1.2 is out NOW & 100 re-shares for free 50 promo codes

After a successful beta testing we're proud to announce the new version of Focus.

Check out the change-log below and the video we made for you!

+ Improved picture edit functionality
+ Added native video player
+ Added native "Set as wallpaper"
+ Added a feature to change the app's main icon!
+ Re-built the picture viewer experience, fixing a lot of bugs on the way
+ Added picture-picking mode for Android’s document picker (eg attaching a picture from Focus in Messenger)
+ Lowered starting page loading time
+ Re-structured Premium options & lowered the price to 1.99€
+ Improved scrolling performance
+ Added app lock security (use your fingerprint or passcode to open Focus)

+APK Mirror
Play store:

Also if this post gets 100 re-shares I'll be posting 50 promo codes in the comments below.

And the honourable mention of +Nick Butcher, his open sourced Plaid app ( helped me learn lots of cool stuff!


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Paul Reed Smith gets physics. 
And art too...

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I found this post quite helpful in understanding what is going on with the issue of not understanding what common core math is and how it works. Check it out. #math  

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Very cool!
#acoustics   #music  +Make: 
This modern and sophisticated cello takes a creative spin with Styrofoam to amplify sound.

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I'm glad to see that alternative fuel research continues. It will be interesting to see which technology the industry gets behind in the long run.
Some cars may soon be equipped with environmentally friendly "e-diesel," which uses—rather than emits—carbon dioxide.

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Yay, #acoustics !!!
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