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The Reason You Are Single

Too often a lack of awareness, of how fortunate we are, occurs. Here and today, where we are, where we breathe, to be free to do the things we want to do. All problems are entirely insignificant. No matter who's cheating who or what lover you stand on a pedestal and they fuck your electrical impulses ... or your job is shitty, or you have just been duped or something else.

Yes stupid, shit happens. Get over it snowflake.

Do you know how lucky you are? What is the probability that you are here right now and can read this? Here in civilisation. You are here and not somewhere else. No bombs drop on your head. A landmine hasn't mutilated your best friend, your kids don't have to fight for drinking water, and no institution puts you in any mould.

I guess it's just unfortunate luck, you have none of that. Nothing that hinders you. You can realise yourself. You can get what you deserve, and the only one who stands in your way is you or your inner bastard.

I'm no different. Everything that I have worked for, even a date, I take for granted. Do I pray in the evening for things to happen, of course! (wink wink)

Mr Courage often has to remind me that I'm aware of the fact.

So think about what you have, everything that is! And now I ask you in all earnest, do you really have a scare to approach the person you like? Are you serious?


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Love it πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚, it means ...well, guess. Do not take advice from this post. ;-)

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Scotland's First Fighter Against Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Prime Minister Theresa May of violating Scottish interests.

The vast majority of Scots voted against leaving the EU. The head of government, Nicola Sturgeon, is fiercely critical of Prime Minister May, and could now once again seek independence from Britain.

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Flash Fiction Friday | Forget Me Not By Stacy Benedict +SB Writer
Go on, go read. Comment and share!!!

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A Method To Madness

Most US Democrats responded to the surprising election of Donald Trump in 2016 with a mixture of helplessness and fear.

After all, Hillary Clinton had been a favourite, and with Trump's victory, Democrats saw not only economic chaos and nuclear war but practically the end of the US as we know it.

But now, almost two years later, Trump's presidency is a success story.

Because the economy is booming, the stock market is thriving; the unemployment rate is the lowest in fifty years.

Two new judges were appointed to the Supreme Court.

No further wars, as well as terrorist attacks on American soil, did happen. Significant progress in trade relations with Canada and Mexico is forthcoming.

The necessary restart of relations with China has taken place, and peace is a real possibility on the the Korean Peninsula.

Perhaps it is time for Trump's opponents to reappraise the president.

Is Trump following a writable strategy?

Is a Richard Nixon returning with his presidency, a Ronald Reagan, or something entirely different?

After searching in vain for months in the news for answers, I turned off the TV and looked for other sources.

Trump's presidency is a return to realpolitik and great-power politics.

Nobody knows what is going on in Trump's head and whether he's following any strategy at all. What matters is what he does.

His actions and the bias of his critics force us to develop a new pattern of explanation for his politics.

I consider the possibility that Trump's madness may have a method.


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Sad but true.
I knew something was wrong when kids were reading in Ebonics and I was the only one reading normal English in high school πŸ˜‚.

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Get Rid Of What's Crap!

I really have to say it in plain English.

If you don't, every second is a waste of your time, your life energy, and the energy of the universe.

Every second in which you don't get into what you do, unfold, expand, and are out of harmony with life, costs you energy.

You consume resources without getting a real usable result.

If it doesn't satisfy you, doesn't make you happy, then why waste it?

What is the precious life energy transformed into, which you absorb and consume?

What do you do it for?

For a long time, I have been experiencing it in my own body, the consequences of having a crappy condition in hopes that it will change.

Well, no. It won't!

According to bs follows bs, the following is only too likely,

What's crappy in the beginning will probably stay that way.

Please take this sentence to heart and check with your previous experience.

Hasn't the initial state just continued and fundamentally nothing has changed, nothing, nothing at all?

Let's take relationships as an example, You're in love. In the beginning, everything is great, optimistic and there are tingles and so on. And suddenly there's a low. Now it's time to persist and climb to a new height together.

And we do because we have the energy and the will.

But if it is exhausting and stressful right from the start, it will probably always stay that way.

And we don't do anything because of a lack of energy and will.

When I look back, that has always been true for me.

And I'm experiencing it again. Not in a relationship, but in the choice of accommodation.

I didn't get it right. I could give you a thousand reasons, but I've finally got it,

Nothing will change here. I've got to go. Immediately.

I can't get my strength here at this home. I'm just out of place. It is not me.

If you know that from your life too, then you should change something.

Not some other time! Now! Immediately!

Make a plan of all that you want to change.

Visualise daily your optimal life, as it should be from the heart.

What just feels good within you; that's the direction for you.

Go for it!

Change something.

Stay alert.

The idea of ​​what you really want is your motivation. Only follow your ideas and impulses of liveliness.

And getting in harmony with life is inevitable.

I wish you the best for this day.

Feel loved.

And get rid of what's crappy.

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