Be Everywhere may be a bit over whelming when it comes to having a fine tuned social media marketing profile on all of these Tier 1 Socials and we only have so many hours in the day to feed our networks. Some say start with Twitter and go from there? I Say, the more robust your social link wheel is and the more congruent content and semantically in sync your flagship website is with your other Top 10 Socials will over time, enhance your online Authority.

You can't eat the elephant in one bite though. Pick your Top 10 Socials and find out which one you're reach is strong and which ones need more TLC. Use social monitoring tools to ID and track which socials are getting the more engagement and interaction on the social listening signals you've set up alerts for. Engage early & often and don't be afraid to share OPC (other people's content) 
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I might have to re-name social link wheel to branded social wheel or some other variation since the semantic web is replacing links as the key driver for page/post ranking authority?
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