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Took long enough, but I finally moved the pictures of VA from my phone
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It's been awhile, so let's see where this goes....

Who would like to invite me to ello?  It seems like a good platform for putting out some new cooking content(recipies, videos, reviews, etc...), and it would be great PR for my work.
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Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. 29 is going to be a long year of lots of hard work, but i hope to achieve a lot of goals before the dirty 30 comes around.

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Here is an interesting read about racial preferences in the online dating world.   I guess I am just an anomaly in the system

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Can't even is like, literally, a serious thing

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I'm back in the kitchen, after a long weekend.  If you like things like avocado mousse, fresh lemongrass tortillas, and crispy grilled dumplings,  Come out and eat.  Everything will be less than $10 too, so even if you're not a baller, you can still dine like one.
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Here's a link to the Yelp page for my work. Everyone come out and have a good time before we close for "restaurant weekend(Sun and Mon)."   I'll be there tonight, so you already know everything will be great

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The price point is a little bit out of my range right now, but maybe the new camera will bring down the price of the old one. 
 +Kendall Weaver What do you think? Maybe decent for food photography?
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