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Here's a cool list of all the voice commands for the new Google Now. Really cool to see what you can do with them. (Zoom to see details)
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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. 
thanks for the info...and for letting me know I can ask about the woodchuck ;)
Careful Apple might sue, that's the screen ratio of their iPhone 10...
Great, I just told Google to Create a dinner reservation for me in NYC...now I dont want to let her down by not going  :(
Also Just Say "OK Jarvis" instead of "OK Google" and it will Work (Nexus 5) For Me An Avid Iron Man Fan... Just Awesome 
What worked for me a couple of times:
"OK Woman, make me a sandwich"
Does anyone else have Google do a search for yes after confirming a text message with the word yes
OK Jarvis doesn't work for me, but this is cool nonetheless!
+Otto Garcia
I gave that a try, but neither OK Google or Jarvis works on my Nexus 7. Strange...maybe it is just the way I speak...
Saying "OK, Javis" seems more natural than saying "OK, Google"
"OK, Jarvis" seems to work for my son's higher-pitched voice but not mine.

Turn the audio up or you can't hear the easter egg.
+Dante Dawg OK Google is the new feature added to android 4.4 which can be accessed from the home screen. Just check if your nexus 7 has been updated to 4.4 or not.
+Parth Hingorani Ok Google was added in 4.3, to make it easier to do one search after another without having to go back first. It was then expanded in 4.4 to include the home screen. Also, as long as a person has GEL, updated Google search, and updated Google Play services, they don't even need 4.4. I only have 4.3 on my HTC One and can access Google Now from the home screen by saying Ok Google.
When I say something it's says shut up.....!!! In Siri's voice... Lol just kidding really cool
When it actually made me a sandwich, my mind was blown!
+Paweł Kłosiewicz No I don't, I have v3.1.8.914827.arm (notice the voice search icon)

The bug is intermittent :\ working for me fine ATM. maybe I'll try again at 3am...
Yes I did and it worked, but by accident I found a new command.
+Jason Scalici I just asked Siri the same question (on my wife's phone). Her answer was even better. Try it.
+Jason Scalici A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
only thing is that google now doesn't understand anything but an american accent or english accent. Try using this with a scottish accent and it can't understand what you're saying to it.
This is awesome! I just can't wait for the voice to not sound so robotic. Then it will be perfect!
Also works with hey Google, love Google, hey (your name), apple sucks and hi Google 
+Zain H I have no idea how it knows but it does for me maybe because I set up my profile in my contacts I really don't know but it worked 5 out of 5
"Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right". Is still my favorite.
Following up "make me a sandwich" with "sudo make me a sandwich" has the desired effect.
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