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Daniel Brinca

In "full articles" listing mode, please implement a skip button (e.g. besides the title on each article header, or on the actual feedly header bar), which would take you to the start of the next article.
This is very useful if there's a really long article (like a tutorial) that you don't want to read, so to skip to the next article, you currently have to scroll through everything manually.

A mute option for feeds would be nice, where you can disable the feed temporarily (i.e. not receive any new posts) and re-enable it when needed at a click of a button.
This would be useful for me because I have a lot of custom feeds (from freelance listings), that add up to like 200 posts a day.. it would be nice to turn them off when I'm not looking for freelance work, but re-enable them easily if I do want to get back to freelancing.
I know I can always remove and add them back later, but this means I would have to keep the urls somewhere and basically go through a lot of hassle for what could easily be handled in a more elegant fashion.
Implementation would be really simple, since muting a feed would just be a matter of unsubscribing from it internally, but storing the original url so it can be automatically resubscribed to later if un-muted.
As for the UI, all we need is a simple option to toggle the mute status on the feed settings section, and perhaps some sort of indication on the feeds listing to see which feeds are muted (e.g. grey lettering and/or a mute icon, or the word 'muted').
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