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Daniel Brierton
Web developer (with a bit of mobile dev on the side)
Web developer (with a bit of mobile dev on the side)

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Hi guys,

Been using Press for years, and decided to check out some more modern alternatives, and Source has totally won me over.

There's just one thing I wish Source had the Press does – silent notifications. I like having a notification in my tray, but don't want a vibration every 15 mins telling me I have 1 new article. An option to have a silent notification would be awesome.

Happy Christmas! Hope you're having a good one!

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Hopefully it won't be a big deal to merge the 5.1 changes into CM12. I'm guessing we'll have CM12.1 before CM12 goes stable.

Any way I can make something like /(select\ )?[A-Za-z]+/ fail a match for just "select", so only "blah" or "select blah" matches?

#lazyweb   #regex   #regularexpressions  

Anyone else having trouble with Large Notification Cards? Won't work for me at all. :(

Gonna join the masses in asking... Anyone got an Inbox invite..?

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Well that's disappointing. Was going to update to appcompat-v7:21.0.0 and refactor my code to use Toolbar, but I've hit these build issues. :(

Any word yet on the countries that the Nexus Player will launch in?

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Anyone else notice that the Nexus Player controller looks nearly identical to the OnLive controller?

I wonder if Asus worked with OnLive on it, and just used a tweaked mould for the Player controller.

(Credit goes to my housemate for noticing)
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Had to play around with Androidify.
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Android API Idea

Think Chrome tab sync, but with apps. Apps can set a URL related to the current page you're on, which then gets synced along with your open tabs.

The info stored would also contain the app information, so now your multitasking UI on Android has access to apps open on other devices, and can open to a specific point just like with Chrome tab sync.
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