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Please share this with your GLBT podcasting circles (and/or talk about it on your podcast).

As many of you know, Mevio has gone into a period of non-communication with many of their content producers - additionally these producers no longer have the ability to add new shows to their podcast feeds.

Over the past week, many of the producers have set up new podcast hosting solutions so that they can continue with their shows. In most cases this means that they have set up new podcasting feeds, and that listeners will need to find and subscribe to the new feeds in order to continue listening.

While this is a solution for moving forward with new content, it does nothing to address the preservation of hundreds of back episodes from these shows that could potentially disappear on Mevio's whim.

It dawned on me over the weekend that Pride48 is in a position to help out our podcasting friends on two different fronts:

#1) Alerting people to the new feed addresses for shows that have abandoned Mevio.
#2) Providing a new home for the back catalogs of the shows.

The first item is something that can be handled relatively quickly provided that I have the information to publish. If you are a content producer who moved away from Mevio and have a new feed address and iTunes listing - send an e-mail to me with "New Podcast Information" in the subject line. I will get it published to the front page of Pride48 starting this evening when I get home.

The second item is something that I will need a lot of volunteers for. The general concept is this:

Volunteers will download all of the back content from the shows in question (the most logical way to handle this would be to assign each volunteer 10 or so episodes to be responsible for). Once downloaded, they will turn around and upload them to the Pride48 server with a standard naming convention.

When the process is done, I will be happy to assist show producers in adding pointers to the shows into their new feed - or setting up an archive feed for them if they are unable to edit their main feed.

What I am looking for immediately is someone who would be willing to coordinate this effort with the podcasters and volunteers. I am more than happy to provide the technical details and set things up on the web hosting side - however I will not have the time to coordinate everything (and as most of you know, organizing things is not my strong suit).

Reply to this post if:

a) You are interested in downloading/uploading some older shows (we will give you detailed instructions)

b) You are interested in coordinating the efforts of the volunteers + affected podcasters

c) You are a podcaster who was on Mevio who has moved to a new feed and would like our help.

If you are reading this post in someone else's stream please click here before replying :
-- Daniel
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I actually have most of Vera and I think MooseP does as well. I go back to like episode 20 or 30 and he's the same. I can upload some of them.
I commented on the Dubious Intent post. I'd be happy to help. I have Vera's show back to # 15. I think all of Gavin, Toppie & Brenda Boo.

I can send dvds to podcast creators or upload to a server. I'll be happy to help any way you like.
I'm more than happy to help with downloads and uploads. What a pain. Went through that several years ago. I'm still patching up holes. Missing shows etc.

I'll definitely get old shows downloaded first.

I wonder I'd we can have a Google doc of all the shows. Perhaps shows that has a lot I episodes, we could break those down further. Then, volunteers could sign up for those periods?

If someone has the list. I can try to coordinate this effort. Unless you think there're more efficient methods?
Hey Daniel - I would be more than happy to help. I list to many of you on P48 and this is the least I can do. Let me know what you need.
It makes the most sense to split up the re-uploading duties. Download speeds are much faster than upload speeds and we are talking about multiple gigabytes of data for each show.

+John Ong So far the list consists of no one. But that may just be because they haven't seen this post yet.
Hah! Look at this! Wow! All you guys are totally awesome! :D
I'm heading to bed soon but can start uploading after work Tuesday. 
Done. It's in show 667. Have I mentioned how grateful I am to you? ;-)
Do we do regular FTP? Will I need an account & password? 
+Arthur Schenck I don't know who is on Meevio - however I would like to stress that this is for any GLBT podcast that was on Meevio regardless of whether they have participated in Pride48 or not.

If they would like our help, we are offering it freely.

+Moose Parker Yes, I will need to set up FTP accounts & passwords and we will also need to come up with a naming convention for each show (back-posting episodes will go much faster if the show name can be typed quickly & logically).

The earliest I forsee us being ready for this is Thursday.
Thanks for the update. I'll check back here for the list.

+Daniel Brewer does it make sense to have a Google doc if who is doing what? If so, shall we have anyone access the spreadsheet? If you need one person dealing with it. I can volunteer. And have people email me. And I can assign people by the month perhaps. Or several months.

But please chime in. I'm just willing to help without knowing too much. Tell me what to do. :)
I am willing to help with uploads, I'll need detailed instructions. My availability is restrained through 2/16 but loosens up after that.
a) I can download/upload . . . I have the earliest episodes of The Smellcast downloaded already. (Hey, Toppie).
Kind, helpful people! Please don't concern yourself with past episodes of the Smellcast. I backed all of them up and posses my complete inventory. Eventually, I'll even maybe find a way to get them back onto the inter-webs. So I am okay in this respect! (Hey Cronie!)
Ok I am totally late to the game. I'll spread the word on my little show. And I have extra space, I cane release shows/messages out on my feed. 
I think the game plan is to start Thursday. Daniel & Arthur are working on naming conventions & account info. There seems to be a couple of conversations on here. 
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