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Daniel Brahneborg

Is there any known problem with the "watched" flag?
For "Joey", marking one episode as watched, made the rest of the season being marked as "half watched".
Today I moved my tv shows from .../tv to .../tv/current (and updated the directories in Plex Settings, of course), which seems to have given just about every episode a completely random value of this flag.

How do I sync individual songs in a playlist to my phone? I can only find "sync x songs from an album".

I would appreciate a shortcut to the twitter lists, as they are currently quite a lot of clicks away.

After upgrading to the latest PMP on Raspberry PI 2, performance died. Showing videos work ok, but browsing takes minutes. Chromecasting to it only works sometimes, and we've had to do several full powercycles to regain control.
The server is running on a Synology DS1815, and runs the same version as before.

An small bug in PMP, latest version, on RPI2.
Select "Music", "Browse all", shuffling.
When a song has played for a while, press "pause".
After 30 seconds, the screen says "The media did not begin playing in time", and then it starts playing the next song.
This happens every time.

I'm using the new Plex Media Player in Mac OS X (El Capitan), and it doesn't seem possible to change the volume. I've tried both with and without the "Normalize Downmixed Volume".

Skulle det gå att ändra så att man faktiskt kan lägga till banker, även om första inloggningen inte fungerar? När en inloggning inte fungerar så ligger ju kontot kvar men disablat. Samma sak skulle vara trevligt även för nya konton.

Sevenday har inte funkat på länge, jag får "Inga konton funna" när jag försöker lägga till dem. Känt problem? Känd lösning?

I downloaded and tried Anovas own app. It managed to crash several times within the first minute. I think I'll stay with this one. :)

Hi, I got a strange behaviour two days ago. I put the food bags in the water, and turned the machine on, for 56 degrees C. I wanted it to run for 2 hours, so first I tried "Program":
1. Tap "Program".
2. Set temp and time.
3. Tap "Ok".
4. Tap "Program" again.
5. The program settings were gone. * Bug 1.
At this time the temp was at about 51 degrees. I tried "Program" again, setting temp and time.
6. After half an hour, the temp was still 51. Stopping the machine didn't work, so I had to unplug it. * Bug 2
7. I restarted the machine, and after just a few minutes, it reached 56 degrees.
8. I set the time in the app to two hours, and after that it behaved correctly.
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