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I am no big fan of SUV's, I think most of them are just expensive toys. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a totally different story though. Now that is a car I could get excited over!

If the US price translates to the Chinese price, I may even consider saving up a couple of months and buying one! I am just slightly worried over the consumption of the 4L engine... And I understand the 2012 model isn't available in yellow :-(
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that's quite normal in China, otherwise you are gonna see Bentley, Maserati,R8 anywhere in China. Chinese people have whole bunch of money but can't buy a shit in CH, but with all those money in U.S, those people can live like a Wall St elite.
well i guess that's quite easy to understand: in china people's satisfaction of a car is not from how good the quality the car has or what the belief the manufacturer are trying to deliver, the satisfaction is from the car's appearance and what brand is it..
I loved my old hybrid Lexus 350h. had it 4 years - plenty of power, OK off-road and economical (and very comfortable) Not a toy at all. Really miss it...
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