This graphic was created in 1998 by a volunteer working with us to develop that year's citywide tutor/mentor volunteer recruitment campaign. You can see it and three others in this campaign report. I'm posting it with the invitation that +Scott Glass +Kevin Hodgson +Joe Dillon +TERRY ELLIOTT or other creative #cmooc  folks will "make" their own version, including a "volunteer now" call to action. Point to the web site of your local volunteer center so the ads help mobilize volunteers in your city/state. If you're in Chicago you can point to the web library I host at

A collection of such "makes" could become a library that others adopt and use in the coming months if the "call to action and web address" were able to be edited for use by others.

You all demonstrated great creativity and energy with the post card project. I think you could do the same with this project, and by sharing your "makes" on social media, you not only help draw volunteers to youth orgs and schools this fall, but you create work that "keeps on giving" for many years, just as this graphic has been used by me over and over for 18 years.
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