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How do you switch between Jacob Frye and Evie Frye? They are twins, right. But since you only descent from one of them, then you would have to logout of the animus, change character and then enter the animus with the other one... unless, of course,.. they had a child together... eeeeewww.

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Amazing graphic!!

Just check how close they captured the train station!!í+nádraží

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Dart is a cohesive, scalable platform for building apps that run on the web or on servers such as with Google Cloud Platform. Use the Dart language, libraries, and tools to write anything from simple scripts to full-featured apps.

Dart Flight Schools are events to help developers learn Dart. The Dart development team from Google Aarhus is hosting this Dart Flight School event, so this could also be your chance to interact a bit with folks directly responsible for this new technology stack.

This Dart Flight School includes a tech talk and a hands-on code lab and we will make sure to have plenty of time for questions and discussions.

In GDG Aarhus we are happy to be part of this exciting event which also falls under the program of Internet Week Denmark and will be hosted by our local Googlers in Aarhus, including +Kasper Lund who will be running the event. Please sign up both here and on the official sign up page:

This is a hands-on code lab, so bring your own laptop and be sure to check out to get the full experience!
Dart Flight School
Wed, June 3, 9:00 AM
Vester Allé 8, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

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#PewDiePie ...
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This doesn't seems to want to work when I have Xbox 360 connected to the HDMI input...
I cannot find my zipcode in Denmark when I have the location set to UK.
I cannot set the location to Denmark, without also switching language to English.
I cannot find location Denmark under English language.
I cannot use voice commands if the language is set to Danish.
I don't even want Danish on my Xbox, so why am I forced to see Danish?
Just because you live in a specific country, doesn't mean you speak their language.

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01:00 An atheistic religion?

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This is kinda sad..

But it is [a-ok] for Ciri (female character) to slice and dice and dismember male characters.
Thank you,  #FeministFrequency

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It's time for the most exciting event of the year - and you are invited!

The ultra short version: Live streaming of the Google IO keynote, free food and drinks, awesome like-minded people and maybe even some Google swag

Google IO will be full of announcements on all your favorite products and technologies. Whether you live in the Google cloud, can't wait to get you hands dirty with the next version of Android or are just plain crazy about the new wearables, IoT, Chrome, or one of the myriads of cool technologies and APIs - the keynote outlines all the biggest news of the year!

GDG Aarhus is very excited to use this as our first event of 2015 and first of many awesome things to happen going forward. We are also super excited to do this in collaboration with Trifork, who have offered to host it as part of the GOTO nights series of events.

You should join us for this event because:
- You want to be among the first to know about what awesome stuff is going to happen from Google
- It is much more fun to experience this together with a lot of other developers and discuss it afterwards
- Trifork will be sponsoring in their own words: "plenty of food, snacks and beverages and hopefully lots of like-minded nerds - all kinds are welcome, even Windows and iOS developers ;-)"  
- You want to be part of growing GDG Aarhus into one of the best and most vibrant Google Developer Groups around
- You just might be lucky and get you hands on some of the Google IO swag that we have ordered for this GDG event.

We will live stream the keynote starting at 18.00 Danish time, and be sure to be there 30 minutes before so you get a good seat and settle in for experiences what the next year of Google will bring us.

Remember to spread the word and bring your friends too!

You only need to do two things:

1) Please sign up "officially" in our Meetup group here:
2): As Trifork need to plan seats, food and drinks for the event, you must also sign up at their site here:
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We (30+ persons) had a 7 dish & 7+ wines here last weekend and the food was delicious with only little waiting time between each dish. Perfecto ;) The selected wines made perfect sense to the dish.
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Short variant: Got food poisoning from this place.
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