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Anyone else having Mac users on Chrome report issues with a select using onchange not firing? I have had one heck of a time actually trying to troubleshoot this issue. The biggest commonality I see is that a majority of the users reporting it all have Grammarly installed... but I am not sure why that would cause the menu not to fire the javascript properly...

I am only seeing this reported by mac users and a lot more frequently since Chrome v69+


User data policy: COPPA question

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, applies to websites, apps, and services directed to children under the age of 13 and general audience apps, websites, or services with users known to be under the age of 13. While child-directed apps may use some Google services, developers are responsible for using these services according to their obligations under the law. Please review the FTC's guidance on COPPA (including information about the differences between mixed audience apps and apps directed primarily to children from the FTC's website) and consult with your own legal counsel.

Child-directed apps: If your application is directed primarily at children, it should not use Google Sign-In or any other Google API Service that accesses data associated with a Google Account. This restriction includes Google Play Games Services and any other Google API Service using the OAuth technology for authentication and authorization.

So the question (for my add-on) currently there is only a free model. But I am working on creating a premium version. Now in order to do this I need to collect the "email address" of the user in order to verify if its a free or licensed account.
Do you think it is sufficient on launch to explicitly ask if the end user is over 13, and then store that in a user field in order to determine if the add-on can collect the email address of the user?


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Chrome Developer Account transfer? I found this link: But cant find any information on if you can use this to transfer add-ons? Or actually find anyone who have used this request.


+Bjorn Behrendt so are you transferring ownership of your apps to another developer? If so I was wondering how your doing this (question not related to your apps but app development in general), can you transfer add-on ownership?

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What is the min. Scopes required to handle licensing scenarios? From my understanding it would appear to be:[presentations/etc....].currentonly

Does Google have any other way to identify a user for this purpose without using an email address? Some states have now stated that student email addresses are considered PII data and thus may run afoul with laws in these states. Any thoughts on this?

Issues updating file regarding sidebar / menu items. I have updated the code, cleared cache, and the updated code is not running... I even commented out the entire code block and it is still running on the old code. Have any of you seen this, and or have any suggestions to remedy this problem?

Are there any limits on storing user properties? Like string length, number of props, etc? I am working on getting some user settings in place and would like to keep everything tied to the user or document as appropriate but could not find any best practices on this topic.

Frustrating when someone duplicates your add-on... I think the most frustrating thing is they used my exact list of languages a list that was derived directly from the users requesting them on my add-on (not just a random list)...

Not much that can be done as it is by no means a copy of code or anything but frustrating.

Woot - hiDPI support in v67 beta! Now you can properly scale hi-res screens and for some low res ones (1366x768 - im looking at you...) you can bump to 85%.

Now things look proper on my 4k monitor.

Does anyone have a list of known extensions that cause issues with add-on sidebars?

I have been attempting to hunt down the root of a common issue I have had reported to me. Incomplete load of side-bar / links and menu items tied to gs code does not run, but no errors.
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