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Properties Service - storing user preferences
I have a conundrum: to store or not to store data.
I like the idea that I am not storing any data in my current app. It makes my policies simple and now with states enacting strict student privacy laws it makes my life very easy :)

BUT it would be nice for the end users to be able to store some preferences for the app so they do not have to do 3 steps to get to the section they need.

Is there any way to store user preferences without opening up the can of storing user data?


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Why is the data access requirements different from a marketplace add-on to the entire domain vs the add-on as an individual? I ask this because of some data security laws that have been passed in a state are requiring me to define what data I collect, yet I don't collect and can not collect any data from my add-on... Any ideas?
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Just received a deluge of reports that people can not see the side-panel on my add-on. I can not seem to reproduce this issue, any idea on how to figure out what is causing it?

Are there any way to get more detailed support request info?

Normally this would not be a big deal, but with almost 700k users for my add-on when things happen it tends to happen in a big way, and most times it is an extension messing with stuff cough ad blockers...

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Well Google just decided to kill off one of the best things it had going for the Chrome community (Browser/ChromeOS continuity)...

This is SO bad for education spaces where teachers / students may be on different platforms (windows/Mac/Chromebooks, etc..). It is a HUGE deal for our school were we standardized on chrome apps. This allows us to offer the identical user experience no matter your OS.

Once this change comes into place, we will once again be stuck in a App silo designed around ChromeOS/Android. And with no way for our non chromeOS users to utilize the same applications continuity across the education eco-system simply fails.

This is a sad day... :(

BTW - I bet the "1%" of users using these apps on mac/windows are edu GAFE users...

What is up with all the new features for data leakage protection only available for Business? Education institutions have a ridiculous amount of PII data and other sensitive information that we would like to be able to easily create audit trails on. Anyone know the best place to bring these things up to Google regarding this issue?

Offline Support? I recently noticed an add-on I use had a permission change, but the only thing it was requesting was offline access. Can we make our add-ons work offline?

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What is the best way to load html/script from another html file within the active html file? I would like to easily re-use the same component for a menu across multiple html pages within my project as to make updates easier. But I am must be dense as I can not figure this out - I have tried a jQuery .load, but that does not seem to be working...

How can this be disconinued with Google's huge push for chromeOS in the education space? We need a good IDE in the edu space that can be used on ChromeOS.

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