Lately, I've been making a push to get more of my friends and family to make the leap from Facebook to Google+; but unfortunently, Google+ is a ghost town until you get a few circles under your belt. Here's the first circle to get them started.

Gamers, Geeks, & Gurus

These are all people who fall into one of three categories:

(1) They're avid video gamers and post information about beta opportunities, kickstarter projects, or general gamer goodness.
(2) They're the best kind of geeks. The kind that don't share lolcats, but share +ThinkGeek specials, punny posts, or help us discover our inner geekiness.
(3) They're gurus at something; at an Operating System, Social Media, or the internet in general.

I'm still new to Google+ myself, so this isn't all inclusive and I'm sure I missed a few big names, so if you have a suggestion, let me know!

#circleshare #gamers #geeks #guru
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