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A spices seller in a market in Deira area. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. April 2014
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Starry night in Saldes
‪#‎saldes‬ ‪#‎starrynight‬ ‪#‎catalunya‬ ‪#‎photography‬
During last Christmas holidays i photographed some starry skies near the village of Saldes. It was the second time i tried this and i think now i have learnt
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Some photos of the XX Saló del Manga de Barcelona
#manga #photography #SalonMangaBCN
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Obituaries in the streets of Mostar
#‎Bosnia‬ ‪#‎Herzegovina‬ ‪#‎travelphotography‬ ‪#‎Mostar‬
Obituaries hanging on the streets is a common practice in Bosnia. Mostar, Herzegovina-Neretva, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. August 2014  
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Air balloons seller in Split
#‎split‬ ‪#‎croatia‬ ‪#‎dalmatia‬ ‪#‎travelphotography‬
Air balloons seller in Split´s Riva Split, Croatia. August 2014
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Books on the cheap in the streets of Ljubljana
#Ljubljana #Slovenia #travelphotography
Some books on the cheap in the streets of Ljubljana. Ljubljana, Slovenia. August 2014
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Have him in circles
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What´s a Magic Rabbit??
#sextoy #sexshop #photography
New post with more photos in my website:
During a practice in press photojournalism i did some weeks ago we had to cover some fake news around our city. The last one was the funniest: "A sex toy called
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Dani Planas Labad

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Medjugorje, between faith and merchandising
‪#‎Medjugorje‬ ‪#‎pilgrims‬ ‪#‎Bosnia‬ ‪#‎herzegovina‬ ‪#‎photography‬
On 24 June 1981, a sobrenatural vision appeared to a group of six local teenagers in a hill around Medjugorje. They said it was the Blessed Virgin Mary who manifested to themselves. Since then the ...
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War wounds in the streets of Bosnia Herzegovina
#Bosnia #Herzegovina #travelphotography #Mostar #Stolac
Walking in the streets of some Bosnian cities and villages you can see many bullet holes on the buildings and some of them still remain in ruins almost 20 years after the end of the war. Terrible w...
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Old fruit saleswoman at the market of Zadar
#zadar #croatia #dalmatia #travelphotography
There´s an interesting street market in Zadar. When i approached this old fruit saleswoman and asked if i could take her a portrait i was pretty sure she wouldn´t agree, but for my surprise she sim...
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Travel photography
Mainly here i show my travel photography work.

Also take a look here:

And this is my advertising agency "el meublé":

I love travelling since I suddenly appeared on this planet in the early 70′s. Since then I chose Barcelona as my base camp and the whole world as the exploration area. As a child I had several cameras, a plastic one I bought in a candy store that had a puppet coming out from the lens when shooting, an imaginary one, a Kodak from my mum when she was a kid, the Agfa Pocket it was owned by all kids in the 80´s, a Ricoh camera i took for some language couses in England, and so on … But it wasn t till many years later, when I turned 30, that I discovered my passion for photography, when my hands got a Nikon F80 with which I filled my backpack full of slides while touring Asia for 5 months. In a street market in Kunming I bought a chinese medium format Seagull camera. Several trips around here and there and some courses and books later, I switch to digital with the Nikon D200 and later to Nikon D600 I use today. Anyway, I always carry an invisible camera to capture everything that catches my attention when I forget to take the other ones. I store these pictures in my head, what a pity I still don´t know how to download them to my computer and post them on the internet !! So, until the technology does not solve this issue, here and on my other sites you can go see a sample of the “real” ones.

Owner of "el meublé - design and communication"
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Starry night in Saldes | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

During last Christmas holidays i photographed some starry skies near the village of Saldes. It was the second time i tried this and i think

Air balloons seller in Split

Air balloons seller in Split´s Riva Split, Croatia. August 2014

Ljubljana bookstore

A woman looking at some books in a store while an old man is looking at you. He must be a writer.. but who? Ljubljana, Slovenia. August 2014

The Mall Portraits (5) | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

Another portrait from the malls of Dubai. First one of a girl who kindly accepted the picture. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emir

Moroccan old man waiting on a road | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

Moroccan old man waiting on a road for someone to drive him to another village.

Cheerful mother and daughter of the Mustang | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

We met this mother and her daughter while walking around the Himalayan village of Kagbeni and they were very happy when they saw their portr

Washing hair in a basin in Kagbeni | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

Kid watches her mother washing her hair in a basin in the Himalayan village of Kagbeni. Kagbeni, Mustang, Nepal. August 2008

Sleeping sadhu | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

Sadhu taking a nap in the Pashupatinath, one of the most important temples devoted to Shiva in the world. Kathmandu, Nepal. August 2008

Old signboards in NYC | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

And now some old advertising signboards directly painted in buildings. New York, USA, June 2010

The swimmers: ready? jump! | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

These are some of the photos i took on the starting point of the "86 Travessia nedant al Port de Barcelona", organized by the Club Natació A

And now Reine (Lofoten) on a sunny day | Dani Planas Labad PHOTO

These are some beautiful views of Reine on a sunny day. The Lofoten islands are one of the top destinations in Norway. Located North of the

Stunning village of Reine (Lofoten) on a cloudy day | Dani Planas Labad ...

Reine is one of the many marvellous villages of the Lofoten islands and it has, for me, the most stunning view of all of them, with the char

Burrabazar: The people of the railway track (2/4)

This is the second post of my photos of the people who live next to the the railway track in Burrabazar, a neighbourhood in central Kolkata.

Postcards from Tibet

This is a small photo studio installed in a tent at a horse fair in Tibet. The postcards they did were nice, weren´t them? Tibet. August 200

Niceland: (5) From Gullfoss to Selfoss

Gullfoss is the most famous waterfall in Iceland. It has a fall of 32 meters. By 1950 some foreign investors wanted to build an hydroelectri