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Dani Arnold
Work, Play, Read, Bake, Knit, Run... and never in the same order
Work, Play, Read, Bake, Knit, Run... and never in the same order


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Tabitha is amazing. She listens, and makes a salon visit what it's supposed to be... Relaxing and enjoyable.
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Netflix Customer Service is now hiring in Salt Lake City! ☑

Check out our list of current job openings and please feel free to share!
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OK G+ peeps - I need an incredible talent scout (AKA Recruiter). Take a look and if you know someone who would be a good fit, feel free to pass it along!
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Happy Birthday to my husband, my partner in crime, my dream come true. Thank you for all you do, all you are. I love you, always.
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Interesting ingredients! I generally don't win stuff, but it's worth a shot! (go ahead, you know you wanna!)
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Things like this make me very sad. I am sharing in the hopes you all will do the same, and maybe, just maybe, someone somewhere can help +Luca Cesari get back his beloved, hard earned collection of equipment. 

One of my biggest fears came into reality yesterday.

My camera bag, full of almost everything I own has been stolen. (except for a 200€ flashgun I accidentally left at home).

It all happened while I was having lunch, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon in a small bar in the city center of Milan. My backpack was between my chair (which I never left) and a solid concrete wall; I still can’t believe they succeeded in taking that cumbersome 10+kg backpack without me even noticing. 
Side note – just to give you a smile: I was drinking still water at the time.

It’s pretty hard to get insured if you’re not a professional here in Italy, so no chance of getting ANY money back.

Just below my personal information you will find a list of the stolen items; some are definitely uncommon like my infra red converted 5D MKII (their are not many 5d Mark II custom converted for infrared around), so please keep an eye on them.

Still extremely sick about it, those of you who know me personally are aware that Photography is my life, and losing all this hard earned gear has created a deep big black hole inside me. I started building this system at the beginning of 2008, which means five years of effort have been cancelled in a few seconds.

I’m trying to react, and will immediately start to build a new camera system – I can’t think of my life without Photography – fully aware of the fact that some ***** can take away my gear, but they WON’T TAKE AWAY MY TALENT, PASSION and DEDICATION, which is all that matters.

Help me by sharing this as much as you can.

Here’s the list of the material which has been stolen.

EF 50 f/1.4 – sn: 33906527

EF 17-40 f/4 – sn: 01151166

TS-E 24 f/3.5 – sn: not available – I bought it used and don’t have the box.

EF 70-200 f/4 IS – sn:  00290139

5d Mark II (infrared 720 nm converted) – sn: 0230109880

5d Mark II – sn: 1831112414

2x LP-E6 Batteries

3x CF Transcend 16 gb

Lee Wide Angle Adapter Ring - 82 mm

Lee Filter Holder

Lee Big Stopper

Lee 0.9 ND Pro Glass

Lee 0.9 ND Resin

Lee 0.3 soft GND Resin

Lee 0.6 soft GND Resin

Lee 0.9 soft GND Resin

Hitech 0.9 Hard GND Resin

B+W Kasemann Slim Circular Polarizer 77mm

B+W ND110 77mm

Rode Videomic Pro Microphone

Lowepro Vertex 200 AW Backpack

And many other small accessories like a Manfrotto Bubble Level, remote control + wireless remote control, cleaning clothes and liquid, angle viewfinder, Lenspen, dust blower…

I can’t even remember everything....

Thank you.

Luca Cesari

 +39 340 906 6362
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Signing off to spend the night with the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, the Who, Roger Waters, Eddie Vedder, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and Eric Clapton  (but not before I snagged myself a long sleeve shirt

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Technology Cares for Long Island -
Relief Collection Drive and Happy Hour 11/26/12 5:30 -8pm Melville, NY

Please pass the word (and RSVP if you can attend)
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This is my hometown. I may have moved away, but never on - I know these people, this community, and have faith they will find ways to stay strong and rebuild. I'm sharing this (and hope you will too) in the hopes that people will find even little ways to help another friend, relative or stranger in need.
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There is that "something" in Nakia's voice I just can't get enough of...
Originally shared by ****
Remember that time I performed “Sex On Fire” on +The Voice? Watch me and the band grind it down, in this gritty version performed at The Saxon Pub in Austin, Texas. Please share this! Thanks!
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