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Chrome extension transforms ‘Donald Trump’ into ‘your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving’

THIS is excellent!
As the dreaded holiday season inches ever closer—and the next Republican debate is tonight—a developer named Tim Bornholdt has created a Google Chrome extension that changes instances of the name “Donald Trump” to “your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.” In other words, the extension changes news stories so that they are no longer about the obnoxious real estate developer and billionaire TV celebrity, but that dear old drunk uncle who you’re going to ...
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I still remember the day they killed the first Kennedy. I can remember the night they killed the second one. I can remember the day after they discredited the youngest one.
I wonder if it is true we are judged by the sins of the father.
Joe Sr. was an asshole. a rich asshole, but an asshole none the less. That man would have made the greatest republican this country would have ever seen. It makes me wonder why his sons, all of the three that lived after he lost his oldest in the war, became ardent democrats. It doesn't matter we will never know what that dynasty would have brought to this country had they lived and or succeeded, but
it makes me wonder how far back the use of this country's government has been used to just one man's own ambitions. I don't mean just those who ran for office, but those who used those elected after, to get whatever they needed. In 1950 the UN sent in a peace keeping force to push the north Koreans out of the south. They did a great job in that they didn't just push them out of the south, but out of the entire Korean peninsula. Then  communist Chinese sent in over a quarter of a million men against that peace keeping force, and they were overwhelmed. You have to understand that the UN only had fifty thousand troops in the entire peninsula, and the south Koreans were supposed to protect that which was supposed to be theirs. But like in Vietnam, they ran when they should have fought. My point is if a country doesn't care who their leaders are why should we? It doesn't matter who gets elected to the office of POTUS, but if they truly deserve the right to lead us. That one idea, our leader makes me know that it really doesn't matter, who we elect, because we want a leader. We go around this planet playing good cop, bad cop, and pretending they are right for the job. It's our country, not our leader's, so why do we need someone to tell us what we should think? Those people are the dangerous minds, not the ones we elect. Those people are already dangerous, but we become dangerous when we put those people into offices that give them the right to do pretty much whatever they want. My Dad was a Ranger in the Army for 28 years, and I am glad he never found out that his country was involved in the torture of, and incarceration of people, who without due process, are still buried deep in a hole. and they will never see the the outside again. You can post all of what you think is dangerous, but the fact is, that the truth is scarier than fiction. And it's way more dangerous. So why do we laugh when we see those who are in the position of running for office of President, and then we complain when they become one of those dangerous minds?
Such gorille face this kind of president in the big american power its ashamed
It does make one wonder where he had that finger last. As for an Uncle I would rather not have any than to call him mine.
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