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Ghosts in the machine: Occult fun with trick photography
It must be the season—the darkening days, the icy cold, and the fog drawn—here in Scotland at least—like net curtains that has led me to indulge in reading classic ghost stories by M. R. James, Sheridan Le Fanu and Charles Dickens. Late Fall, early Winter is the best time for such tales, with the best stories coming from that golden era of supernatural fiction during Victorian times—roughly 1860-1900—when readers sought a thrill (or perhaps confi...
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Reminds me of a song the police did about thirty five years or so ago. "We are living spirits in a material world", at least that hasn't changed.
I think the bottom right hand corner of my mattress is haunted. It feels exceptionally chilly.
I actually had the fortune to see a poltergeist.
She is an urban legend that really isn't that old.
There is a story about two kids who were going to the prom and had an accident. The girl can be seen at certain times of the year, like when prom comes along. A friend and myself along with his brother came across a girl just standing on the side of the road. She was dressed in a white formal dress and she just stood there. When we saw her we new all at the same time who or what it was and we pushed the gas down till a little time had past and we had enough nerve to turn around and go back to see if she was still there. But alas, she was gone.It is one thing to say that you saw a ghost and only you saw it but to have two others see the exact samething, now that is a whole different story.
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