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Elvis Presley drug paraphernalia up for auction

Pills, pills. pills....
Julien’s calls itself “The Auction House to the Stars,” and not without reason—an auction they’re holding this week, “Icons and Idols 2015: Rock n’ Roll,” features a metric shitload of guitars, amps, and even a couple of autoharps owned by Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Jim Morrisson’s Tallahassee mug shot, Michael Jackson memorabilia that includes his fang mold from the “Thriller” video, a Jimi Hendrix rehearsal cassette, and even handwritten song lyrics...
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Where are they in a drug store, those are a lot of pills. Rest in peace.
Not unlike most artist, Elvis became the victim of his own 
fame. I suppose there wouldn't have been too many doctors who wouldn't have sold their souls to be a part of his life and even death. I don't remember if the said doctor lost his licenses to practice medicine or not, but I do know that if he is still alive, he has those memories that either haunt him or make him smile. And for what, he got to give this famous man all the drugs he wanted or the fact he was inside of a 
land that few got to go. Elvis killed himself. Intentionally or 
not, it really doesn't matter. Not in the great scheme of things. I liked him before Vegas got a hold of his soul. I don't mean his god given sold to the devil soul, but the soul that made him one of this country's greatest singers ever known. But that fat white leather with sequences on those white leather jackets and matching pants. But the kid who acted and sang as if they were the only thing he knew how to do. But he found out he could get high taken certain drugs and that made him happy. So if he needed a doctor to make it okay for him to take those drugs, he din't have to go far to find one. Elvis wasn't a hero, he wasn't a good role model, he was a singer.
Totally agree with what you are saying. But it not just the famous, all the poor sods you never hear about. 
Any of it still in the bottles?
10 Cursed the man who goes about the Lord’s work grudgingly, nor with blood stains his sword!
Poor Elvis he lost his twin at birth n can't imagine The pain he must have been in spiritually because twin's can't handle being taken from each other. God Rest in Peace with your brother sweet Elvis.
Elvis? He is sweet? My Ass to!!!
but Elvis was a wrong Person, very wrong!!!
Super Voice, but wrong Person. To much Money, Drugs, Tablets, Alcohol, Womens?
The End!!!
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