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Kevin Spacey’s big brother is Boise, Idaho’s #1 Rod Stewart impersonator and limo driver

OMG. WATCH the commercial for his limo service!
  When you go to the website for Rod’s Limos, in Boise, Idaho, the one word you will probably NOT see, for legal reasons, is “Stewart.” Sure, the man running the establishment cuts his hair and dresses to look as much like Rod Stewart as he can, but any equivalency between the two men is something happening exclusively in your head, understood? Although interestingly, a prominent banner reads “Welcome to RODS LIMOS: Tonight’s the Night.” Wait—did...
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Cool yeah nice ride goes for Frankie in California
Nice gig for him, I admire people that can sell their ideas, Im pretty good at it myself, whereas most people would get agents, I always went to auditions, ( radio, acting , ect. I always was able to push my way in, never understood people who didnt or couldnt. Maybe I should manage some people, always up for a challange, would love to see the comercial, havent yet., Very cool, not mooching
hey, i was all for ya until i saw the pubescent girls drinking champagne in your limo, c'mon rod? wrong on so many levels.
I met that guy at a Maverick store, he's kind of a weird dude. 
I would think that if I were Kevin Spacey, I would pay my brother to just up and disappear. At least buy him a nice house somewhere and give him enough money to live on.
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