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To give you an idea of how popular my ex's YouTube channel is, she started at zero in December, 2015 and now has 422 million views. She should pass MKBHD in July or August.

Congrats, Goy!!!!

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I've been on 7.1.1 for about a week. I love Android One.

Hi. I want to contribute Thai localization to Deepin and DDE. Where do I start? If the desktop were in Thai, many users here would love the system.

My school is still in the paper era, and I would like to set up a simple SIS using entirely Google Apps for EDU. I know that New Visions used PushData for syncing mainly student/guardian data. If anyone knows the details of the setup there or is doing something similar, would you be willing to give me some offline advice?

Has anyone tried using the new Google sites as the main website for the domain. Other than using a redirect on a DNS record, how would I accomplish this? My Google-fu is failing me.

I am seriously disappointed that I'm not able to add a print service from my android phone to Google Cloud Print. That would my life much easier.

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Yet another reason ...

Wow. I didn't know that TMZ gargled Connor McGregor. Minty fresh breath.

Question: When two guys are on the ground, maybe, and there's no real damage being done or attempt to improve position, we call that "wrestlefucking".
What's the standing equivalent? Two guys look like they are showing, with neither willing to lose positional advantage, scoring little damage and hoping to get an opening that never comes, ending in a short decision.
What do we call that?
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