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Dane York
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Music. Movies. Android.
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10/10 release. Unable to turn on Always On. 

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Flac files aren't displaying tags correctly in player. When I edit tags, the files save but are still displayed incorrectly. This only happens with FLAC files. 
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In the latest update you added Transparent Navbar. Is it possible for it to be fully transparent like it is on the home screen? 

Now that there's the option to long press avatars for popout account viewing. I think it would be cool to have the option to put the avatar on the right side of the screen. So it could be achieved in handed. 

I'm still receiving tweets from accounts I have Muted.

Tried clearing cache and rebooting phone. Anyone else experiencing this? 

Is it possible to add channels to sign in? I have a few separate channels from my one gmail account and all of my subscriptions aren't on the default one.

Hope that makes sense. Love the app. 

In the AMA Moez mentioned adding Textsecure (whisper push) now that the app is open source. Is that actually happening? 

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I'm experiencing a bug, where night mode is constantly activated. I have auto night mode turned off, and night mode itself unchecked. But every half an hour or so when I open the app it's in night mode again. 

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