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Interesting. Are we gonna see soon? :)
It's something we are researching. A good starting point is knowing if anyone wants it, thus the survey.

I guess the question is who the audience would be. People who don't like indoor antennas? People with bad reception? Honest question.
Likely folks who cannot get these stations off the air with a reasonable antenna. In Sonoma County, there is simply no reception due to distance. In San Francisco many cannot receive due to terrain. 
Good point. Still skeptical of the business proposition though, especially in the age of retrans fees...
Yes, I am too. I wonder also if a live-only offering is of any interest, as the Roku is not a DVR. (We could also offer another set-top box option which incorporates a DVR, but the single box with Netflix and local TV would be nice.)
I'd be interested in an option like this. I have a MacMini hooked up to a tv, and mostly stream netflix/hulu on it. The channels I'd be most interested in would be for stuff that you can't watch easily on hulu/netflix: Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, Showtime & HBO.
Local programming is definitely a plus! I'd love to finally cut the cord! I highly suggest partnering with local community television stations to provide a means for them to stream their channels to larger audiences!
We're mainly a Roku/X-box household right now. Got rid of the satellite and DVR a month ago. The first business that figures out the business model for consumers to buy stations/shows/whatever, a la carte with a decent price and interface - to truly customize (meaning don't force them into packages to subsidize the ones that can't survive a free market) will be a big winner. Plus, you'd eliminate having a device (remotes, too) for this and one for that.
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