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44-seconds from today's workout. Pilates is a great workout for men over 40 and can be undertaken at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. See the full article at:
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Pilates is also a great workout for women over 40....50....60....and so on! Great video, and now I know what I'm going to do when I get to my office on Monday!
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7 Strategies for an Abundant Life
#celebrate   #positivity  
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thanks, +Ole Nors ~ Happy Friday!
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Dane Findley

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The 5 Stages of Self-Improvement – this video is from the new article How to Make a Perfect Schedule:
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New! How to Create a Perfect Schedule for Better Health
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ty +Dane Findley love your materials
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Dane Findley

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updated! How to Feel Prosperous
Here are 7 strategies for obtaining what you want in life and enjoying it passionately.
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updated! Is Being Vegan Healthy?
  ◕ my 10 favorite raw foods
  ◕ foods to burn belly fat
  ◕ 71 year-old vegetarian who has the body of a teenager
  ◕ difference between raw food and vegan
  ◕ startling new research about what happened when 65,000 people ate vegetables for 12 years
  ◕ how busy people can eat more vegetables
  ◕ green juice recipe for beginners
  ◕ green juice recipe to improve metabolism
  ◕ how to add superfoods to salads and smoothies
  ◕ the Vegan Food Pyramid
  ◕ why raw food is important
  ◕ currently popular food regimens, including The Paleo Diet and The China Study
  ◕ frequently asked questions about new diets
  ◕ raw food nibble ideas for between-meal snacks
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+Dane Findley  thanks for circling me!! have a great day!
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New! The 4 Pillars of Disease Prevention
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Jumping on the bed? :)
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Me at grad school in 2005. All I did was read books, write research papers, and eat! #throwbackthursday  I'm probably healthier and stronger today than I was 9 years ago when this pic was taken (even though my hair is silver now)!
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Carol i love you all know that you are a lot more than you think god is good to us by 
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one of my favorite times of day, is when the afternoon sun comes through the home windows; every since I was a little kid I have loved 2:30pm ~ the siesta hour. photo by Maryanne Casasanta
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Very nice :)
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Dane Findley

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How to Be in the Top 3%
From the article "How Can I Improve my Health and Fitness After Age 50?" Follow 4 simple fitness guidelines and you can be in the top 3% of healthy adults. Includes updated info, shocking statistics, and a new video about making your life matter.
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