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In celebration of my lady friend Charlize Theron here's me kissing, literally, her ass. Chalize Theron receives a kiss on the butt
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preety girl
i need somebody to send me a messege
Hey I'm not gay but it's a nice ass. 
na'am mudhik jiddan .. kaifa in kunti maf'ulan ? ahhahaha mitsluha..
Not sure, if it had to do with his kiss on her butt, but she just shaved her head
wat do u mean she is every body is
commentin on this
ha! That's hilarious :D If I was male or attracted to females, I'd be so jealous!
TV sure has changed since the days of
JOHNNY CARSON, now haven't they??!
Smelling a womens ass crack is not department could you taste her breakfast to 
I'd bury my tongue up her ass,That's for damn sure! 😜😉
Did u make sure to check that off of your list because you sure dont want to have to accomplish that again before you die
Ted Guy
what a bummer
U should give your agent a raise 4 that  :  )
I have no words for what I would be capable of to kiss Charlize Theron's ass, you lucky bastard! She is one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, if not the hottest. Her and Kate Beckensale are hands down the most smokin' chicks on film.
I agree with Stephen! Awesome actors both Kate and Charlize! 
If I kiss your butt, that would be like me kissing Chalize Theron's butt huh.....?
John P
i'd kiss your ass too. And several times a day. also i mean that in the nicest of ways.
Yes! You have reached the pinnacle of being at the pinnacle, but only because you got to do this!
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