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It's a "super moon" tonight. I can't wait to spit at it & call it a fat fuckin' moon.
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It'll be wearing a cape tonight..
Enjoy the simple things in life mate...!!
fat one's need love to.They just have to pay for it
The one with the cape, I think i know why? You go get email.
lastnight preceding forget see the moon
NNow get the cape out. Oh no you got me thinking about the real life!!!!!!!! O:-) 
lmao. that's funny shit right there.
mafia?I got more than the cape and my pitt says bark at the moon . It my love and my region .PSi'm 46
Do you know that this is the real Black Sabbath .In two more days it;s over.4-20 it started hilter even shot him seif 4-23. my dog is barking so load he's driving me crazy.
My pc is updating like crazy,so if i don't get back right away sorry:-(
anybody catch the ole moon, I didn't 4got :(
i didn't see it but it should be out now where i am
Dane, U r like a mad dog barking at the moon!
Ozzy and my pittbull, barks at the moon ;-)
huh...!!!moon moon......
Someone get Dane a bottle of 1800 Silver Agave.
The moon is at perigee, which basically means it's in your face, sucka!
if she is bussy, that is where fans kind of thing comes in , if fans got out of scene, she is no bussy, in fans are more important than her businesses
ok i posted that to soon i saw the supermoon
Well, did you get ur spit on? Lol
stupid moon. always gettin in the way
Self-hatred again Dane? Really, WHEN are you EVER going to learn...? (You and all the other 'Moon' children born on the 18th day of ANY month, that is!... >;P ) , Hugs & winks & nudges & giggles, and...? ;) , - L
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