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I don't lose interest. I just don't gain any additional interest.
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I guess that's why put me on hard core med's.
dane cook your a fucking wack job...i love you for it!!!
That's what I needed hear, thanks for the great shows. I loved the one where you just popped in and blew everyone's mind small club? Every one will tell their
grandkids about that one. 
i know.......someone died to leave me

Same thing applies to traditional savings accounts I believe
yes i do believe too and i can see that u believe in the traditional ok an i like that from u ok
I feel like that everyday at work, especially on Mondays... 
Yeah, especially with repetition..argh!
u used to live in arlington and lived down the street from me
Ya i was like WOAH video horizons when u said that! It just down the street from me!
Get this spreading around! Anything tick you off? add +Sadface
Dane, your fucking awesome! Just thought I'd throw it out there.
You're falling by the way-side of the married peoples' Interest group. Once married and past the "Honeymoon" phase, and whilst moving nicely along the "I'm-realizing-I'm-stuck-with-this-same-human-forever-so-I-may-as-well-get-comfortable-and-fart-all-I-want" phase, your interest level rarely changes from the level known simply (but accurately) as "meh". "Meh" is usually accompanied by a shoulder-shrug and a dry, very-little-effort-as-possible-attempt to engage in what was once some pretty mind-blowingly great sex instead of the "suck, lick, sex, alright, I'm done, <snore>". Of course, this was back when your Interest was in the "Marvin Gaye, oooh yeah baby, let's get it awwwon!" phase. The only way to add new Interest is to engage in some type of marriage-counseling session with a woman therapist who hates men and secretly works toward freeing all spouses from the one true spirit-breaking and emotionally bankrupt and draining deity known simply as "husband" so that she may increase her own chances for happiness in her all-girl (confused as they may be) dating pool consisting of newly-single women that really aren't' sure what just happened - OR - convince your partner to watch a little bit of porn with you. Be sure to choose one with a good looking guy and no anal scenes...this just freaks women out.

Oh...wait, you're not married are you?
wow thats alot to scare a person with TMI about marriage.. my friend.. wow
Just a hypothetical. Any resemblance to situations or persons living or dead are purely coincidental.
its like when i find myself staring into the sun, i dont stop looking, i just cant see anymore
u went to ottoson dane u have a whole thing about ms kilgore and u lived on thesder street
ooh ok have heard u ok and nice to meet u ok
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