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Someone just said they can't wait for technology to advance to the point they can be beamed cross country instead of having to fly. This can't end well. I see it now. Error 404 "Passenger Not Found"
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Woah. Dane dropped some nerd humor. My worldview is shattering.
Error 404 " passenger not found"... hmmm this sounds like a great Christmas gift, for a couple of my exs...
+Tim Nguyen ooohhh look I took a dumb swing at a celeb ... I am so the man ... FAIL!! moron
I've seen SpaceBalls, I don't want to have my head backwards.
Great, I'm sure Religious conservatives are visibly shaken, "yeah, Scotty, Could you beam me any farther away from God?" you know. There is no where I have to be on a Damn plane, much less a transport beam. Technology Should come up with a way to Breathe, in and then out. Bobby Jack
LOL do you post different things for your facebook,Google+ accounts?
That's ok, I'll fly or drive. Not stepping into a machine that murders me then just happens to build an exact copy of me somewhere else.
or 301 "permanent redirect" would be just as bad
it will be OK just don't use windows or you'll get "the blue screen blues".
I always wanted to put one of these in my study when i got rich. oh well
You'll see this error only if its made by microsoft.
Jim L.
...But if it's made by Apple..and the battery dies.. forget replacing it. You'll have to call Apple support which will tell you that you cannot replace it and that it will cost full price to get a new one. Your warranty was for only 10 days and only 1 of them was for complete replacement but it took 24 hours to get the device the way you wanted it to look after you powered it on with one click. Oh and you have to tell travelers that they're going to go where ever Apple decides they are to go, because Apple said they know best. Give me a 404 any day.
If it's Apple, you'll see, "Flash beam not supported."
ROFLOL- it says hot on Google + and has an arrow pointing to the guys picture :D
so.... whose Dane Cook? Sure sounds familiar.
any way I doubt teleportation (or beaming) will ever be possible because how will it be able to take the whole body of the human at the same time to a different location
I could imagine high speed jets for commercial transportation but not beaming.
Sorry, I just took the fun out of the joke, didn't I? :(
Lmao...But like I'm waiting too. No longer would I be late just appear the right time..
I like the 'Passenger Not Found" hahaha
If the machine runs on Windows it will truly be the "blue screen of death" :-)
Jim L.
+Roy Walter naww.. just trying to add some balance. On a side note, my boss' iPad died today, guess what they told him? lol..
That shit was awesome.
Jim L.
+Grey Geek Willing suspension of disbelief.. just for a moment.. lol. But, great explanation. How about if we throw some quantum computing in there?
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okaii...
If it is coded by Microsoft, there will be more errors than just that one. Good one +Dane Cook ;-)
hahahaha so true isnt technology updated enough
use vanish trick to solve problems
Ba Zan
Suppose you try it and all your parts are not assembled right, then what happens. Mind Boggling.
More like Error 404: "Humor not found."
Click refresh to reload your passenger!
Use a mac, they dont usually shows error, not to said Blue Screen Of Death
+Darryl Griffith omg dude, that was good i just posted something about +Dane Cook's jokes sucking in the post above this. i thought i blocked his profile but i guess not.
+Brian S. Yeah I just might need to block him as well. I was warned that he might show up in my stream but I was like UH no way people think he is that funny to trend. Humanity lost just a bit more respect from me. First +KONY 2012 and now +Dane Cook trending. GO AHEAD IRAN just blow us all to hell.
Ouch fellas. Take a mans comments and step on them why dont'cha? Fact: Dane Cook's richer than u. RESPEK!!!
Who cares how much money he has. Hitler had more money than Dane Cook should I respect him. NAAAAH-OPE!
Haha I'm diggin these comments 😄
Smh. Never fails. Always with the Hitler!
The USPS was working on this, but they lost the plans in transit.
I would say it's cool to see +Dane Cook attempting to appeal to a nerd audience (probably the only reason he's on G+ to begin with), only his complete lack of involvement in the comments makes this feel less social and more like we were all just forced to watch one of his standup specials.
that would be all too likely, especially if "microsoft" technology were involved
+Grey Geek When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong. Clarke's first law.
I don't think they would use HTTP to move people.
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