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Dana Williams-Johnson
I like to laugh, loudly.
I like to laugh, loudly.

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Stitching Status: Hiatus #yardsofhappiness

I’ve decided after a long semester, work, life, sickness (bronchitis and then a tick bite) and everything else in between, I need a break. I wasn’t planning on not blogging but I want to just shut my brain off for a bit, enjoy some time off with my…

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Weekend Update: Mother's Day 2017 #yardsofhappiness

How do the weekends fly by so quickly and the week days seem to drag on forever? It’s Monday but I’m going on vacation soon so I’m not really mad that this week is starting. It just gets me closer to going away for some rest and relaxation. It was…

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Sweater Knitting: Picking Colors #yardsofhappiness #livecolorfully #knitting #yarn

I get two questions when it comes to my knitting: how do you knit that much and how do you come up with these color combos? It always tickles me that my knitting output and my color selection are the top questions but I’ve been asked so much recently…

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FO: Cosette Tee #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #summerknits

I feel like I’ve been on a roll with summer knits lately. But of course when I say, “no I won’t knit myself that hat because it’s warm out…” the weather takes a nose dive. It’s been cold and rainy and insanely breezy so I haven’t worn my latest finished…

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Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2017 #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #MDSW2017

This is my third year in a row heading to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and I got what I wanted and didn’t go too far over my budget. I’m a happy camper. So what did I add to my stash? My BFF Jess and I went on Sunday and got to the fairgrounds ……

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Stitching Status: Playing Games #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #berrocoPima100

I came really close last night to losing a serious game of yarn chicken… This was all I had left at the end of a block of purple on my Cosette tee. Did I mention I’m doing vertical stripes? I used leftover yarn from my Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee and even…

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Preparing for a Make-along #yardsofhappiness #knitting #yarn #summerofbasics

I mentioned the other day I got my sewing stuff ready for the Summer of Basics Make-along Karen is hosting on her blog starting June 1. It got me thinking about the things I want to add to my wardrobe and what I want to make for myself. When I knit…

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April's FO's #yardsofhappiness #knitting #TTTKAL #SummerofBasics #yarn

How is it May already? With the semester coming to a close and the normal chaos of life and work I feel like April has zoomed right on by me. Add in travel for my husband, double dog duty by myself and getting bit by the tiniest of ticks the other day…

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FO: Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee #yardsofhappiness #knitting #TTTKAL #TTTKAL2017 #BerrocoFO

I’m giddy. I love this top so much. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE IT. I finished my Saddle Shoulder Striped Tee and am already wearing it. So let’s get into the details on this project. Here’s my initial inspiration sweater photo compared to what I actually made: I…

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Stitching Status: Progress & Pups #yardsofhappiness #dogwearingabackpack

I’m making progress on my latest striped summer tee but for the last two nights this is how I’ve had to knit. With Jellybean in my lap staring back at me with puppy dogs eyes. I blame her shots from over the weekend for her wanting more love than what she…
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