Markings on the underside a Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol made by James Barbar circa 1740

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The "2" mark in the upper part of this photo is on the threaded turn-off barrel. The "2" below it is on the breech. Queen Anne Flintlock Pistols were often made in matching pairs and these numbers helped match the barrel to the right pistol. Between these two numbers is the barrel key. It fits into a slot on a circular wrench which can be used to tighten the barrel to the breech. The three marks stamped on the bottom of the breach are, a Crown over a "GP" (the gun-makers proof), a Star over "IB" (James Barbar`s maker`s mark). and a Crown over a "V" (the "view mark"). You can also see "BARBAR" engraved on the side of the breech below the frizzen.

Read about the history of gun proofing here:

I photographed this beautiful pistol in 2011, but have much better equipment and lighting now so I am doing it again. New images will be posted here shortly. In the meantime you can see the old photos and read more about the pistol at this link:
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