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Me? Slow Food, Slow Wealth. Love My Girls
Me? Slow Food, Slow Wealth. Love My Girls

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Just amazingly beautiful!

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Wow. Blew me away. Maybe it will you, too.

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Moo-ving on Up

So, lookee what we put in our empty barn!

We went on Monday and rescued these 2 from a pretty junk-filled place in High Point. Two Jersey cows, both of them pregnant and ready to calf in Dec/Jan or thereabouts, according to their previous owner. They were fenced in with about 5 Angus beef cows, and the pasture was a junk yard, literally, with mud everywhere. Nothing green in sight, except maybe an old oil barrel laying around there. Fed only bag feed.

The girls named them Bessie (the lighter one) and Julie (the dark-faced one.) We took them out to pasture yesterday for a couple of hours and they were some happy cows! Ate until they couldn't eat anymore. We have to halter break them; they're pretty unused to any contact. We're keeping them in the stalls and taking them out only a few hours a day until they're settled in and trained to us.

Can't wait until they calf. Oh, fresh raw milk!!! And thick rich cream, and butter, and whipped cream, and creme fraiche and buttermilk and ice cream and sour cream... :-)
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The Newest Addition to Our Farm

These Tamworth/Berkshire cross are the newest addition to our farm. Tamworth is a heritage breed that is very good for bacon and Berkshire is a heritage breed very good for hams. The larger gilt will be breeding stock in the spring; the piglets (some gilts, some bars) will be freezer stock shortly thereafter!
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Top 3 Reasons to Choose This 5 Br Home in Fayetteville, NC
Reason #3. Sidewalks. Yes, sidewalks. Safe, concrete sidewalks where you can walk or jog and children can play or ride bikes or visit a friend’s house.

It’s a shame, but developers in Fayetteville rarely put sidewalks in subdivisions, and in many neighborhoods in Fayetteville the lots are squeezed together on narrow streets with no concern for how and where people will be able to get out and enjoy their community.

Continue reading...

h/t +Copyblogger  and synthesis hosting. Migrated my wp blog--what a difference in performance and security. Thanks!

Olly Olly in Free

Grace and Faith and Dad playing hide and seek in the back yard.

If you think it gets better, well... Now they're in the bathtub, getting ready for bed, hollering--olly olly in free!!!

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There are some wonderful homes for sale in Hoke County, and here's one. Close to post, quiet, lower tax rates. Buyers have wonderful opportunities right now in this real estate market!

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Working in Chrome, IE and Firefox, trying to find the best solution. Surprised to find that IE is giving me the best results. Chrome is great; still have to struggle with some Java issues. FF, my favorite, has been disappointing lately--locks up continually, as well as Java issues.  Sure wish IE had Fast Dial...
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