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+Darryl Mouzone​, we've got your surprise party all set up. Happy birthday, bby!
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Dana Geppi

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Ho ho ho, tho!

I just got my jingle on by sending out some gifts.  I can't tell you how joyous this makes me.  

(I don't deserve to be this happy. - Alastair Sim as SCROOGE in A Christmas Carol)
14 Days Til Christmas!

Today's Featured Wish lists! Spread some cheer
Browse them all here:

Today's wish lists are for five amazing people: some who are gifting superstars, and some who need your love this holiday season. They're incredibly wonderful people who devote themselves to their G+ community so give them a hand!

+Amy Anuszewski 
Amy Anuszewski

I love that we can give each other fun little surprises and bring back the magic of Christmas.

+Brett Bjornsen 
Brett Bjornsen

For three years straight I've participated in Secret Santa... sending tons and tons of random gifts, and receiving them alike.  This year's been tough financially on me, having been unemployed for 4 months up until recently.  However, this past year has been more tough on my sister who's been battling cancer and medical bills from two surgeries over the past 14 months.  I'm linking to her wishlist this year, as she's in need of a little GPlus Santa love and Christmas cheer.

+Michael Albrecht 
Michael Albrecht

Having been diagnosed with cancer yesterday, I have a new appreciation for life and how precious it is...
I love helping others but this year I need help. The items on my list will help me while I undergo treatment and for phototherapy, for on my good days, I am hoping I can go out with my camera and take photos, which calms and relaxes me and will help to take my mind off of everything that will help free me of cancer

+Curlen M 
Curlen M

My first year and I'm excited to participate!

+Jason Longwith 
Jason Longwith

Having spent this year recovering from a shattered patella, there has been very little work and even less cash. The family and I are very fortunate to have such good friends around to help us out but things stretch only so far. This is my 3rd (maybe 4th if its been going that long) year of Secret Santa and have had a blast every time with it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Santa's picks of the day.
#gplussanta     #SantasNiceList  
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Glad to hear. Very good. Yesterday busier than today. Ready for bed. Lol.
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Dana Geppi

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Forbes Now: The Coolest Thing About The New 'Legend Of Zelda' For Wii U.
The new Legend of Zelda for Wii U introduces some very cool new gameplay mechanics.
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[Insert free medical care joke here] 
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Dana Geppi

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Wow! Now there's some holiday spirit and good will toward men Canadians. :^D

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:) o'canada
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Dana Geppi

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My outfit is complete thanks to Buffy the Kibble Slayer.
Right? Of course. :D

It's #fidofriday  and I decided to extend my cat doodles to dogs... cause I love both!!! :D Just opened a Redbubble shop to test if there is a demand for these... I will be adding a few drawings there... planning on making multiple dog breeds... this one look like a #bullterrier , no? :)
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Dana Geppi

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Barbie, do you even program?

Barbie - still the worst role model ever.

"She then proceeds to give her computer a virus while failing to email her design ideas to the boys who must help her, and can’t figure out to reboot her computer. If that’s not bad enough, she also puts a virus on Skipper’s laptop, losing all her important homework files."
It's taken the media at large many months to catch on, but Amazon reviewers have been up in arms over a book from Mattel's "I Can Be" Barbie series, I Can Be A Computer Engineer (Mattel created a C...
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Dana Geppi

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Charles W. Fuller III

Update: the support of this fund has been tremendous and a wonderful help. Any additional funds over what is needed for funeral expenses will be used for my niece's education. My sad heart is relieved and I am so thankful for the generosity that is being shown.

My brother in law, Chuck, was a truly wonderful person. In the Marines and his subsequent years in security work and teaching evasive driving, many people literally trusted him with their lives.

He had that warm, easy smile for everyone that he knew and cared about yet he was always keeping careful watch for potential danger. We all just knew that Chuck didn't sit with his back to the door.

Yet, you should have seen Uncle Chuck grinning from ear to ear down on the floor playing with GeoTrax train sets with his nephew, my son.

It is a cruel twist of fate that after so much time spent overseas putting himself in harms way that he should have fallen asleep behind the wheel and his we lost him just when we thought he was safe and least expected it.

Chuck leaves behind not only my sister and nine year old niece but a multitude of family, friends, fellow Marines, Iron Order MC brothers, coworkers, the list goes on.

Some people have expressed that they would like to do something. I know how helpless that I feel right now and so this is something that I can do. I can share this campaign with you in the event that you would like to contribute even some small amount.

We are overwhelmed with the shear quantity of people that wish to pay their respects to Chuck and the family in person and share memories of him. We don't even know where we can accommodate that many people and we must then worry about the cost. So, one of Iron Order Motorcycle Club - Southern Maryland brothers started this fund raiser.

Today this world lost a truly amazing man. RIP Charles "BEAST" Fuller.  No better MAN, BROTHER, FRIEND, FATHER, MARINE, PILOT, PATRIOT, FIREFIGHTER, BIKER, UNCLE ever walked this earth... He was taken from this life when his vehicle crossed the median into an on coming tractor trailer while retur...
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Dana Geppi

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^ huehue
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Dana Geppi

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AndroidCommunity: Android Studio IDE reaches the big version 1.0 milestone.
Google's new preferred and official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has finally reached its first stable release. With Android Studio 1.0, beginning
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Dana Geppi

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Are you #steadystackin with your choice of programming language?
Is it worth it to learn a programming language just because it could result in a six-figure job?
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Good grief Charlie Brown +Dana Geppi 
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Dana Geppi

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#FridayDanceParty time!!!!

This little kid has style.
This is the dance of all the undocumented immigrants today! 🇺🇸

Hey +Fox News are you mad or nah?

+G Hartman this dance is for your birthday yesterday. The stars aligned for freedom because sessy messican

+Ward A and +M. Bennett a celebratory dance after your thread annihilation last night

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Maybe, +Rod Thorell​
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Dana Geppi

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"Well, I want a pony, too."

Great article. There's always going to be some bottleneck but, sometimes, you don't even need for it to be that fast. I can optimize the heck out of some things but the application wants it to be serialized. >.<
I love the graphics of this article.
This is a talk given at Defrag 2014. Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.37.03 PM. One of the (few) advantages of being in technology for a long time is that you get to see multiple tech cycles beginning to end. You get to see how breakthroughs actually propagate. If all you have seen is a part of the ...
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