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Dana DiTomaso
Partner at Kick Point, dedicated to digital marketing/SEO/inbound marketing, public speaker.
Partner at Kick Point, dedicated to digital marketing/SEO/inbound marketing, public speaker.

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We're putting together a list of our top 12 digital marketing posts from 2015. Check back Monday through Saturday from now until December 23rd for the full list!
Unsurprisingly, this was another fast-paced year in the digital marketing industry. Today, enjoy Day One of Twelve days worth of stand-out content. Because of our upcoming holiday schedule (excluding Sundays), Dec 10th is Day One and Dec 23rd is Day Twelve.

• Day One — There is No Fold • by +Luke Wroblewski 

"Just because you stick something “above the fold”, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to get noticed."

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We did an analysis of the Alberta election as it played out on social media, tracking the #abvote  hashtag.
This election was a tasty dish! As soon as it was called, we set up monitoring of the ‪#‎abvote‬ hashtag and creeped our little hearts out. We even made an infographic so you don't have to read the whole thing!

Check it out here:

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Local University is coming back to #yeg  in May!
Hi Edmonton! Local University is coming back for our first workshop in your beautiful city since 2012! Please join us on May 28, 2015, for a full-day small business workshop at the University of Alberta's Lister Centre. We have an early-bird registration discount already in place at the link below -- just $149 (CAD) for a limited time! Any questions? Please let us know, or check the registration link below, which also lists the day's agenda and more. We hope to see you next month!

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These posts by +Chris Mikulin are just awesome. And it's really fun to work with all the different social tools that we use to pull them together!
We're back with Week 20 of our #CFL  Social Media Score Card. You won't believe who's on top!

(We're kidding. You can totally believe who's on top.)

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Google Local Search
Summary if you lived under a rock:

1) Local pack is gone for certain industries ( Not a test. Confirmed by Google via +Greg Sterling. It'll be gone soon (I still see mixed results/designs)

2) New pack box will replace it (

3) Free or sponsored - new pack makes people more comfortable with other types of boxed ads in other Google search results (local or not)

4) It gets to the point of 100% ads above the fold ( as shown by +Mike Blumenthal and others in the past few days.

5) I bet Europe won't allow this new design in their results (at least not in this form).

6) Continue business as usual. Nothing new. Marketing for local businesses. Understand the industry and where audience is and connect business with their audience. Whatever channels work best for that. Apple Maps, Yelp,  TripAdvisor, Google, offline, social, etc. Paid advertising was always part of that equation. It'll pay off if done right.
Google is also a part of that equation. It might be a great assistant for your business (or personal) but it's not your fluffy friend - it's a huge corporate & monopoly that will continue to look for ways to make money. 

Join Local Search community to stay up to date:

#localsearch   #googlelocal   #localbusiness

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I'm having a rough day. I got arrested for wearing a #hamont   #ticats jersey in #yeg  and I need to raise $2,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society before they'll let me out!

Would you be able to make a donation? My page is here:

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Come to Seattle in February for an awesome day all about Local!
We are partnering with Moz for the first Local U Advanced in 2015. All the Local regulars PLUS +Rand Fishkin , +Pete Meyers +Dana DiTomaso +Darren Shaw and more will be presenting. 

We are making 25 tickets available on a early, early bird, pre agenda special. 

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Will I see you at #searchlove?
Just in case you missed it last week, we've only gone and announced the speaker sessions for next month's #SearchLove  San Diego with +Rand Fishkin, +Dana DiTomaso and +Krista Seiden to name but a few! 

Take a look-see over here:

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Help +Mark Traphagen out with a Google test!
Would You Help Me with Some Mad Google+ Science?

I'm testing something about the effects of Google+ in personalized search, and I need some volunteers who would be willing to spend a few minutes answering a few questions about your level of involvement with a brand page on Google+.

You will be asked to answer four questions. Then later I may ask you to perform one simple search on Google and report to me the results you see. That's it! All data provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

To participate, complete the form at

What is this for? I'm accumulating data for an upcoming article about the extent to which engagement with a brand affects how Google shows you their Google+ content in personalized (logged-in) search.

(If you think there are people in your Google+ audience who may be interested in participating, please feel free to reshare this post.)

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I'll be at #searchlove  this September - see you there?
We're super excited to announce the almost full line up for this year's #SearchLove  London and San Diego with some top new faces +Krista Seiden, +Oli Gardner and +Dana DiTomaso

Check out the complete listings over here:
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